You Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover….

Do You? So, why would you judge the cover of a DVD workout. I did and regret it now.

I know I’ve talked about my love for DVD workouts a lot but some most days it’s the only way I can get in a workout. So, for that I am thankful. The other day I looked at and even started a yoga DVD, when I got about 5-8 minutes into it I turned it off! It sucked. I just wasn’t that into it….ya know.

I just found it boring. Focusing on your breathing (Um, hello…your doing yoga Piper!) and then I was peeking with one eye open to see if the three women providing the demonstration had moved yet. Nope. Not at all.

Last night I wanted to work out but wasn’t brave enough to get my cold-weather gear on, lace up and run in the dark. I wasn’t about to get dressed and do an intense workout (T25, Jillian Michael’s etc). I thought I would give this DVD I had snubbed a few days earlier a try again.

“Just get through the first 10 minutes and then you can turn if off” I thought. After 10 minutes they had already started into the yoga moves which made me happy. 45 minutes later as they were starting to slow down, I realised I actually enjoyed the workout.

Imagine That!


I almost didn’t give it the time of day (again). I totally enjoyed it 🙂 I was relaxed; stretched out, not feeling “massive joy” but feeling satisfied with my workout.

Do you judge books/workouts/movies by their covers?

What’s one thing you’ve tried, stopped and gone back to try again?

5 thoughts on “You Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover….

  1. I try to read all the description to get a feel for the workout that I am thinking about trying from the library. And if I am going to purchase some DVD I will use one of the web sites that has workout DVD previews on it first.

  2. I think yoga can be quite polarising. I know some people who can’t handle the fact that it’s really quite slow. I’m relatively new to yoga but I really like it. I know I need to work on flexibility and I always feel very relaxed afterwards but it really does push you out of your comfort zone if you’re used to doing a lot of fast-paced workouts like running.

    • I thought I wouldn’t like yoga because it’s so slow but it’s kinda nice doing something different and I find my body just needs to stretch, lengthen and that makes me feel great!

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