Week 3 Meal Planning – How It Really Went!

Week #3 of my meal planning was by far the best week yet. I’ve learned that I need to start planning on Wednesday or Thursday for the following week. I start my planning for Sunday’s and end on Saturdays. When I don’t get around to planning our meals on the weekend it seems that I really suffer those first few days.  Lesson Learned I guess!

What I managed to do last week:

Sunday: Russian Chicken ~ No problem as all I had to do was take it out of the freezer, make rice and warm the chicken up on the stove. Win-Win for me!

Monday: Salmon, Baked Potatoes, Carrots, Pea’s. This by far is my favourite meal…I love salmon.

Tuesday: Mexican Baked Penne. Accomplished this task. It takes a while to make and makes SO MUCH that I’m able to freeze more than 1/2 the recipe. Sometimes, if I am organized I can split the recipe and make 1/2 vegan and 1/2 meat. Sounds like a lot of work but it’s really not that hard.

mexican bake penne

Wednesday: Chicken a-la-King with Basmati Brown Rice. Made this from scratch in-between nap time for Hilary and playing with her all day.

Thursday: All Things Red Soup. Easy to make and so good…even our toddler ate it!!! I have some frozen for work next week (lunches) and taking some out today!

Friday: Vegan Sheppard’s Pie. Didn’t happen. I was way to tired and didn’t want to make anything. Sai wasn’t home so I decided to have left overs. BEST. DECISION.EVER!

Saturday: Curried Cauliflower with Chic Peas  {vegan}. Made it while Sai played with the girls and it was devoured by three of us. Hilary just wasn’t into it 😉

A pretty successful week. Whoop Whoop!

On the fitness front – yoga has been creeping into my life one day at time….and another, and another! My legs are sure hoping for a run this week…even in this COLD weather we are having in Nova Scotia.  It’s supposed to be -7 but feels like -16 celsius is this morning!!!!! Yikes!

Week #4 meal planning is still a work in progress but I’ll share that with you later today.

Any good eats this weekend?

What’s your favourite – Eat Out or Eat In ?

17 thoughts on “Week 3 Meal Planning – How It Really Went!

  1. I made a steak and mushroom pie from scratch yesterday. Not terribly health but it was a treat for Sunday and exactly what you want when it’s freezing (as it is in London at the moment). I enjoy eating out but I really love cooking and knowing exactly what has gone into my food so I would say I am probably more “eat in”.

  2. I’ve been cooking a lot lately too instead of eating out or grabbing junk. But planning ahead is the hardest thing to do! Yesterday I made chili with ground turkey. I didn’t feel like it, but my husband got it started, so I’m glad we made it. It’s pretty low in calories and healthy.

    • Planning is the hardest part but then again if I don’t plan ahead I find myself thinking about the next meal and unable to enjoy the one I’m eating. I’m making chili tomorrow … nothing like a little warm food on these cold days we’re having!

  3. Nice job! That all sounds delicious. I am going to have to try the advanced planning method myself. So far I have been a massive meal planning failure.

    I also feel bad for complaining about 20 degree runs now. You have it waaaaaaay colder up there!

    • Ha ha, yeah it’s cold but only going to get worse! I’m fine with the cold, it’s the “getting there” part I don’t like. Once it’s cold, I’m good but these up/down temps make it hard on the body.

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