Whole Body Workout {new workout}

It’s been a little while since I posted a workout (from someone else’s expertise) and it was fitting or Day 3 of the Elf 4 Health challenge to “try a new workout” along with my Fall into Fitness Challenge!!!!

This is my workout today and I’m hoping to get in either a run on my own (wishful thinking), a walk with H and Maclean or a little yoga in the evening. I’ll keep you guessing as to what workout I managed to fit in.

Thanks to Pinterest, I found my {new to me} workout.

Whole Body Workout

whole body workout

Why did I pick this one? Well, I figured I could do all the exercised but I had no idea what “bird dog” means, so I googled that.

I love Google and YouTube – I’d be lost these last few weeks with my workouts (yoga mainly).

Have you tried any new workouts lately?

What’s your favourite INDOOR workout to do?

PS – Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge peeps – how’s it going?

PSS –  Day 2 of the Elf 4 Health Challenge – Unsubscribe from emails – feels FANTASTIC! If only I had known about Unroll.me year’s ago 🙂