Oh, Thursday…we meet again.

Wow, it’s been a busy week! I’ve been into work twice (once for a meeting), ran a million shopping errands, walked countless miles, have had very low impact workouts (walking and climbing stairs) and am ready for the weekend already!

My husband is away working so my mother offered to watch Hilary one day which then turned into two days. We took a quick trip to the city today where Hilary hung out with Grammy and Grandad while I shopped till I dropped.  I managed to get a few sweet pre-black friday deals….in Canada! Crazy, eh! What’s with Canadian companies jumping on board Black Friday? I always thought it was an american thing. Oh, wait….it’s all about making money…I forgot. Yes, we, here in Canada are having Black Friday sales tomorrow, even some pre-sales today….it just seems very odd to me. Ahh well, I took the bait today.

I haven’t managed many good workouts…a little yoga and a tone of walking over the last few days. Since I knew I was going to be walking in the mall today I intentionally walked a few extra laps. {I was secretly a mall crawler today} And by a few extra laps, I actually walked each floor 2-3 times, got my heart rate up (had to take off my jacket) and climbed the stairs a million times….at least it felt like that. My thighs were tired from climbing so many stairs by the end of my shopping. Gotta get my workout in some how, right?!?!

We’ve got a BIG weekend coming up…Little H turns 1 next week so we’re having a little par-tay!!! It’s going to be interesting….6 toddlers that are 3 – 3.5 years old and 5 babies 6-15 months old…plus parents. I’m sure looking forward to the Vegan Chocolate Cup Cakes Lilly and I are making together 🙂

Lilly at 2 years old helping make cupcakes/muffins 🙂
So tiny!

Elf 4 Health Update Day 4: Make a Phone Call. I called my best friend Carrie. She wasn’t home 😦 Going to try again when she get’s off work because we never get to chat anymore with our busy lives. She’s one girl that you can call and it’s like we just talked yesterday. She’s just lovely 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to my American family, friends, bloggers and followers! Hope it was a great one!

Did you celebrate Thanksgiving today?

Did you manage a workout today ?

Anyone taking advantage of Black Friday in the US or CANADA?