Five Things Friday

This Elf 4 Health challenges has opened my eyes a little:

1. Unroll.Me – fantastic app/website that un-subscribes you from any/all email list you want. Look it up!

2 – a: When your body is stressed out it will take the good out of you. I need intense workouts 1-2 days of the week. I just need to run, don’t get me wrong the yoga, walking and climbing extra stairs this week was nice but I just need some fast paced workout. Sure happy I have a soccer game tomorrow night and I am planning on packing my running gear for work on Monday.

2 – b: The girls are in their beds and I’ve got to clean the house, prep more for the party, do the typical dishes/laundry and in between all that, I plan on doing a few rounds of squats, sit-ups, jumping-jacks, my new bird-dog move, tricep dips, and russian twists. This should be interesting and I’m going to time it on my watch to see how long I end up “working out”.  #FallintoFitness30DayChallenge.

Other things…..

3. I spent quality time with my biggest girl today…wrote a letter to Santa, made cup cakes, cake and other food for Hilary’s party tomorrow. We also did some crafts for Hilary’s party …. party favours … polka dot theme.


4. I don’t like planning children’s birthday parties. Totally thought I’d be all over it but in reality I don’t love it. To be fair, my husband is away and was away for Lilly’s party last June, so I’m doing it all on my own. Not fun 😦 Oh well, the good news is that Sai will be home for Hilary’s party tomorrow and I’ve got some good vegan and non-vegan eats. Keeping it simple for my own sanity.

5. The next week is going to be intense (Sat to Sat): birthday party, soccer game, Lilly’s soccer, I start work, personal event happening, I’m back at work and I travel for work two days next week, Sai is away….oh man, I am already looking forward to next Friday! HA!

What’s happening in your world? 

Any Black Friday purchases?

Weekend events happening?

14 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. I never get into any of the sales – Black Friday or Boxing Day because they’re always in the last week in the month and I get paid on the 6th (very weird but true) so all the sales are at my brokest time. It’s probably a good thing because I would definitely tempt me. Next week is the last sort of quiet week and then on Saturday party season really begins. Between next weekend and Christmas I have so many social things packed in I’m not sure how I am going to keep on the diet and workout track.

    • We don’t really get into the sales either. Once, we waited in a line for 20 minutes before it opened for computer speakers…it wasn’t too bad. But I wouldn’t do it every year that’s for sure.
      That would be challenging only getting paid once a month and then having to budget/plan for the rest of the month.
      One day at a time … that will help keep you on track 🙂

      • It’s common in the UK to get paid monthly but normally it’s between the 25th and the end of the month. The 6th is unusual. I have worked at my company for over 9 years though so I am used to it. Generally I am pretty good at budgeting. My husband runs his own small business and it’s in the very early days so we never know if money is going to come in or not and when. I always have to keep money back in case he has a bad week.

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