Lunch Time Run

I packed my bag and I was ready to go.

The temperature called for 4 below.

I put on my gear and laced up my shoes.

Eager to get going, to warm up my toes.

Out into the cold to get my body moving.

My heart rate now pounding and lungs were a booming.

It felt great to be out and pounding the pavement.

Dam you Garmin you pushed me again.

Speeding up  my pace before the next lap began.

Now only four more working hours until I can call it a day. 

And then I’ll go pick up my little sweet babies, hurray!


Nothing like a lunch hour run.

Meal Planning Week #5

Even though the Fall into Fitness Challenge is almost done, I am going to continue to meal plan for the remainder of the year. The big reason I wanted to start meal planning four weeks ago is because I return to work today! Yup, today’s the big day…back to work. Mixed feelings.

I chose my meals each week with plans of freezing a little of every meal so this week wouldn’t be a stressful week meal wise. Week #5 looks a little something like this:

Sunday: All Things Red Soup for Sai, Russian Chicken with Rice for everyone else. 

Monday: On the road with family….not eating out but at my parents.

Tuesday: Sweet Chili for everyone. (Make rice for Wed.)

Wednesday: Chicken a-la-King with Rice and veggies.

Thursday: Grilled Cheese and Veggies. (I’m traveling this day for work so I’m keeping it easy)

Friday: Mini Pizza’s.

Saturday: Home made Philly cheese Steak sandwiches. I have to get the recipe from my sister still…but I have a few days 🙂

Today’s my last day to get a workout in for the Fall into Fitness Challenge. So I packed my bag with all my running gear and plan/hope to get out for a 20-30 minute run at lunch time.

What are your meal plans for the week?

Do you ever freeze meals to have later?

Do you workout at lunch time when working?