Birthday(s) and Citizenship

Hilary had a great birthday yesterday and we as a family had a very special day….keep reading.

cake hilary 2013

Hilary’s photo courtesy of my  friend, Krystol.


Happy Birthday (today) to my husband!

sai s

Birthday boy!

On to Citizenship….

What does it mean to be a citizen? Is it just a place where you live? Is it who you are? Does it define you?

I’m a proud Canadian, and believe that {almost} everyone is proud of where they come from.. My daughters are Canadian and British citizens – so many opportunities lie ahead for them.

It’s been a long time coming, but I got to experience something not every Canadian gets to do. I was a witness at a swearing-in ceremony. It was for my husband, Sai.

Some family photo’s and funny bloopers:

Citizenship 1

Oh the faces that were made today…. 🙂

As I watched him take an oath my heart melted just a little more for this man.

He is now a dual citizen just like our girls.

{I’m the odd one out now, lol}


Citizenship 2

Someone’s little hands got in my way…good thing it was her birthday 🙂

We are so lucky to have two beautiful children and to celebrate this day together.

Citizenship 3

O Canada…we stand on guard for thee…..

Welcome to Canada, Sai.