Birthday(s) and Citizenship

Hilary had a great birthday yesterday and we as a family had a very special day….keep reading.

cake hilary 2013

Hilary’s photo courtesy of my  friend, Krystol.


Happy Birthday (today) to my husband!

sai s

Birthday boy!

On to Citizenship….

What does it mean to be a citizen? Is it just a place where you live? Is it who you are? Does it define you?

I’m a proud Canadian, and believe that {almost} everyone is proud of where they come from.. My daughters are Canadian and British citizens – so many opportunities lie ahead for them.

It’s been a long time coming, but I got to experience something not every Canadian gets to do. I was a witness at a swearing-in ceremony. It was for my husband, Sai.

Some family photo’s and funny bloopers:

Citizenship 1

Oh the faces that were made today…. 🙂

As I watched him take an oath my heart melted just a little more for this man.

He is now a dual citizen just like our girls.

{I’m the odd one out now, lol}


Citizenship 2

Someone’s little hands got in my way…good thing it was her birthday 🙂

We are so lucky to have two beautiful children and to celebrate this day together.

Citizenship 3

O Canada…we stand on guard for thee…..

Welcome to Canada, Sai.


16 thoughts on “Birthday(s) and Citizenship

  1. Wow, congrats to you all on Sai getting citizenship! That’s terrific. So neat that the girls have dual. Love Lilly’s faces in the pictures. A cute birthday girl too:) And Happy Bday Sai!

  2. Those cake pictures are adorbs! I became a British Citizen a year ago and had to do my swearing in ceremony. My husbands parents came along because they were so excited to get to witness something so “unusual” for those who were born as citizens. I think it’s great that you have registered your daughters as dual nationals. I will definitely be registering my future children as British and South African. My dad gave up his Dutch citizenship in the 70’s after immigrating to South Africa as a child and it’s something he now regrets. He can’t even visit his country of birth without a visa. The more options you have available the better! I had to go through a complex administrative process to retain my South African citizenship which a lot of people can’t be bothered with but I am very glad I did. And congratulations to Sai, it’s really something special to go through all the hard work of achieving citizenship in your new home.

    • That’s awesome you have dual citizenship. Lots of work and TIME goes into it but worth it in the end.

      You must both have great accents 🙂 My husband lost his a long time ago…doesn’t sound British at all…though I can pick it up in certain words.

      It’s funny when he talks about something, like a “dummy” (soother) or pram (stroller) or how he pronounces some words differently from me … our 3 year old calls him on it. I love that she’s learning how he say’s things and she can decided what she wants to call it. Personally, I love how British people talk…it just sounds so proper 🙂

      • I’ve been in the UK for almost 10 years so to South Africans I sound British and to British people I sound South African because my accent is a bit jumbled. We have a lot of different accents depending on region and mother tongue. There are 11 official languages and English is widely spoken but only the home language of quite a small minority. I have a typical Johannesburg Eastern Suburbs English home language accent but I’m fully bilingual in Afrikaans as well and that’s technically my first language. I only learned to speak English when I was five. I went to English schools though so I picked up my accent there.

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