Don’t Get Discourage

After a rough night with baby H…wait, can I say that anymore since she is officially 1? For now, she’s baby H and she had me up every hour last night. I got little to no sleep but still managed to function pretty good today.

This was probably my most stressful, busiest, longest day of my first week back to work. Up at 6:15am, H got up at 6:30 which was going to be “my time” before I got them both up at 7.

Oh well.

I had packed their breakfast the night before as I had to drop off the girls at 7:30 in order for me to travel 1.5 hours into Halifax for a full day meeting with our larger department. Somehow, I managed this with no problems…win for me!

All day long, I would sit, listen and then stand for 30-40 minutes so my back wouldn’t seize up on me. We had our lunch break and with 5 minutes left a co-worker and I decided to go for a power walk to get fresh air and some activity in. I mean, it was the Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation Department that was meeting, we had to represent. {almost everyone had been out at this point}.

After that little 5 minute power walk I was pumped and ready for my workout tonight.

I drove home, got the girls, made dinner, we played and then I put them to bed. And then I though, I have to do this all over again tomorrow.

My plan was to workout tonight. …. …. ….

My eyes are exhausted.

My body is tired.

And I desperately want to just sleep workout.

But, I just can’t. I just can’t bring myself to go workout and sweat. Silly, eh!

It’s okay. I’m not discouraged…I’m just listening to my body telling me that sleep is more important and I can work out tomorrow night. {At least that’s my plan now}.

a good laugh

I’ve got my weekend workouts covered…a soccer game (can’t wait) and maybe a 5k Santa Run Sunday morning. Still not sure about the run…it would be awesome to get out for a 5k but I haven’t trained for it and know I wouldn’t do great…but running isn’t always about getting a PR … sometimes it’s just about gettingĀ outside and being active.

Do you ever get pumped during the day for your evening workout only to change your plans in the evening?

When is sleep more important than working out (for you) ?