Don’t Lose That Runner’s High Post Race

You’ve just run a 5k, 10k 1/2 Marathon, etc and your feeling great…maybe feeling like you are on top of the world! It’s called a runner’s high and it’s a wondering feeling, one you don’t want to lose. However, sometimes we do. You don’t plan on losing that runners high but the next day you get up and hurt all over. Rest day{s} have begun. Then another and another rest day after that too. Soon you haven’t run in a week or 2 and wondering how you’ll get back to it?

It can be so hard to lace up after training for weeks, months (okay, maybe not training at all for some people). You’ve worked so hard to get to that goal of running that race and now it’s all done. You could compare it to planning a wedding. So much time goes into planning the party that people forget the focus is  on the two people in love who are committing to spending their lives together. You have your wedding, then BOOM…it’s done. The planning ends, the decision decrease and you live the {great} married life. PS – I love being married.

tips to keep running

Anyway…I digress. After that big run you’ve worked so hard for, well…you’re tired. You just want to rest. Maybe sleep in Sunday morning instead of doing a long run. You want to stay out late and enjoy the evening with friends….not go to bed before the party has even started.

You need to keep your focus on the fact that you like to run and not stress out about taking a few days rest. Your body needs it, your mind needs it and your family and friends need YOU!

A few tips to keep you running after that fun run or BIG race:

  1. Plan for at least ONE rest day if not two. Your muscles will thank you.
  2. Walk off the painGet your body moving the next day with a light 15-30 minute walk.
  3. Stretch or Yoga. Again, your muscles will thank you and you’ll be able to relax now.
  4. Hydrate and eat well.  Just because the race is over it doesn’t mean you should stop drinking water and eating well.
  5. Plan a short easy run just to get out there 2 days after your race. Commit to it. Nothing major, no personal records to hit, just get out and get your legs moving faster than walking. Bonus if you plan it with a friend – then you are accountable to them!
  6. Commit to running 2 – 3x a week. You still need to be active to reap any health benefits…so get going and stay active.
  7. Find your next race and SIGN up! Then you can’t back out and have a new goal to work towards.
  8. Hit that “runner’s high” again. And repeat!

Oh running…how I love you and the little runner’s high you give me 🙂

Do you hit a wall after a big / important run?

How do you get back out there?

How long do you give your body to rest after a race?