Getting Off the Warm and Cozy Couch

Last night I had a soccer game at 10:00 pm. Yes, that right….10 at night! I sat down on the couch with my husband around 7:30 after the girls went to bed and we had the fire going. It was warm, cozy and just perfect. My eyes were getting heavy while I was reading my copy of “The Summit Seeker” {review to come}.

All I wanted to do was stay put, read my book and hang out on the warm couch with my husband. However, I had to peel myself off the couch and get ready for soccer. At that point I was questioning “why”…”Why, go out in the cold to run around inside a cold building”. Well, I guess because I just love the sport.

We had a FULL team! Two line ups which meant less play time and more sitting on the cold bench. I started the game and within the first five minutes my lungs were hurting and I was breathing like I’ve never been active before. All I could think of was my warm couch at home and that I was completely out of shape.

My time came to sub off and rest on the bench for the next round. My lungs had adapted to the cold and I was ready to go. It felt so great to be out there playing that I forgot about the warmth of the fire and was just focused on playing the game.

Once the game ended we all quickly got our gear off, bundled up and head home.

When I arrived at home the fire still roaring. Mmmmmm, warmth 🙂

My body still pumping with energy. I grabbed a quick shower and then was wired!  Early in the evening I wasn’t sure about getting off the warm and cozy couch to head out in the cold snowy conditions to play soccer indoors…but I’m sure glad I did.

Is it snowing where you live?

We got 20 cm on Sunday, another 20 coming tonight/tomorrow and 50 cm (YES 50) expected on Sunday! Oh man we are in a winder wonderland.

Do you have a hard time leaving your warm house to head out into the cold for a workout?

9 thoughts on “Getting Off the Warm and Cozy Couch

  1. I took this season off of soccer because I didn’t want to risk an injury before my big race(s). But when I play indoor soccer some of our games don’t start until 11:15 at night!!! Way too late!

  2. It doesn’t normally snow in London in December. It seems to be a February thing although it’s been raining buckets. I have Zumba on Wednesdays at 8. It’s nowhere near as late as 10 but it’s just long enough after work for me to get really comfy at home and having to force myself.

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