Snow Day = Work from Home

In Nova Scotia we are lucky to have four actual seasons. Spring is beautiful as everything is “budding” and coming alive again, Summer is hot and sandy beaches, Fall is cool and enjoyable and then you have WINTER! It’s officially winter in Nova Scotia right now. Last Sunday, we got hit with about 20 cm of snow and the same amount is to fall today! Just like that we’ll have around 40 cm of snow to play in (however, we might have a tone of rain this coming Sunday – we’ll wait and see).

I love to play in the snow….snow shoe, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, sledding, playing with my girls…building snowmen, snow angels and just going for walks can be an adventure for us. Since I’m not in the school system, I don’t get snow days. However, on a day like today when the roads started off not great and were to only got worse (thank you Canada Post for delivering that package from England), I chose to work from home since Sai was home too! We kept the girl’s home from day care which was great!

The morning went a little something like this…

snow day work home

The three of them played upstairs until snack time and then came down to join me.

Our afternoon looked the same but minus little H as she was napping and Sai was moving snow!

snow day work home 2

Lilly was busy colouring, hiding and repeated that multiple times!

And then when I called it a day, we did this:

Snow fall Dec 18 2013

Lots of hot chocolate was consumed in our house today!

Sometimes I am amazed at how much work I can actually accomplish when at home. I have to admit, having lunch with my family was the highlight of my day! {sorry, no photo’s taken}

Elf 4 Health Update – I’ve been hit and miss on some of the challenges. My elf is fun to chat with and it’s nice to learn more about her and how she’s doing with the challenge too. Somethings I’ve done:

  1. Pay It Forward,
  2. Cleaned out my closet (and my husband did his too…but we did not plan that one)
  3. I shared my expertise but not on the blog. A local writer wanted a quote on the benefits of unstructured play-time. It was fun to do and I’ll share her article in a few weeks when it comes out.
  4. Meditate. This I am not good at but I did a little yoga the other night and my body felt better for it.
  5. Made a Donation to KidSport {Local funding that goes towards a child’s registration or equipment for a sport}.

Do you get snow days?

Do you pack up your work knowing a storm is coming the next day?

Do you love or hate snow days?

7 thoughts on “Snow Day = Work from Home

  1. My place of work never closes – not for snow or ice or anything. If we don’t feel safe driving in, we have to take vacation. I usually make it in then.
    Meditating is a learned skill, I’m not great at it either, but I find the more I practice, the easier it gets.

    • It’s frustrating when you have to take a vacation day if the roads are bad – we have to try to make it into work unless the storm is coming and we’ve planned before hand…even then we aren’t really encouraged to work from home.

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