Snowshoeing, soccer and running challenges – help me out!

I love running but it’s not the only activity I like to do. If you’ve been reading Piper’s Run for a while, you’ll know that soccer is my first love, then running and then any DVD workout I can fit in with my schedule while the girls are in bed at night.

This past weekend I had a soccer game Saturday night, which turned into a 5 v 5 scrimmage as the other team couldn’t field a team. It was a bummer that we didn’t get our actual game in but at least I got some running/sprinting in and a number of good touches on the ball.

Sunday morning, little Hilary (22 pounder), my friend Krystol, her little Braegha and Krystol’s brother went snow shoeing on their lake for 45 minutes. We even saw a bald eagle!!!


I just love how my hat is “popped” up on my head

It was fantastic…I was a ball of sweat at the end. Next time I will wear less layers to accommodate carrying Hilary on my back. It was a great workout that didn’t feel like a workout…ya know…those are the best!


Hilary, Me, Krystol and Braegha!

And…tomorrow night I have another soccer game at 9pm. Let’s hope the weather cooperates and the roads are good to go!

On to running…..and a 5k Resolution Run on Tuesday!!!!

I’m pumped for running. I am running my second 1/2 marathon this year, multiple 5k races and at least one 10k race. Which ones and when are still very up in the air as my families schedule is all over the place and my hubby will be running more this year too!!!!!

Most of my running will be done during my lunch time at work on days when I don’t have to travel for meetings. On days when Sai is home and then when we get our treadmill. Yup, you read that right…we are jumping on the treadmill wagon this year!

Okay bloggers…this is where I’m looking for your input and direction. What winter running challenges are you doing or know about? I’ve seen a few but haven’t committed to the one that will fit with my schedule. I’m looking for your suggestions, links…anything…help me find a running challenge. I want/need to sign up for something to keep me on track.

Help a girl / blogger out 🙂

Are you taking on a winter / January running challenge?

What cross-training do you do for running?