2013 Goals – How’d I do?

Since today is the last day of 2013, I thought it was time I should review my 2013 goals…what I achieved and didn’t achieve!

2013 Resolutions / Goals: 

1. Running

  • Run a 5K personal best (under 29 minutes) – nope but felt like I am on track.
  • Run a 1oK under 60 minutes – didn’t run anything over 6k this year!
  • Clock all miles I run in 2013 – ha ha, nope!
  • Invest in a Garmin – YES!!!!
  • Run 33km the week of my birthday July 7 – 13th  (as I turn 33 on July 10th) – nope!

2. Family

  • Play more outside with my girls and husband – Yes
  • Family movie night every few weeks Not really.
  • Try new foods/recipes – Yes
  • Have more patience/let the small stuff goKinda.

The Sherwoods Dec 2013

3. Personally 

  • Loose baby weight  – YES and Reach ultimate weight this year – No
  • De-clutter the house/purge and maybe have a yard sale – Yes
  • Focus on DVD workouts when unable to run  Yes
  • Blog a little more – Yup!

After updating this list I’m pretty impressed with what I did accomplished and not surprised that my running took a back seat. With a new baby, toddler and other life events happening, sadly running wasn’t my first priority but I did manage to have a pretty good running year!

Stay tuned for my 2014 goals!

Do you make New Year Resoultions or Goals?

Do you stick to them?

How did you do in 2013?