Meal Planning Week 6, 7 and 8!

Since I never did a “How It Went” post for week 6 – here it is …. along with my Week 7 &  upcoming Week 8.

Week #6 Sunday: Eggs, bacon and toast! Monday: Mexican Bake.Tuesday: Chicken Parmesan and pasta.Wednesday: Olive Garden Soup  Thursday: Mini-Pizza’s Friday: Breakfast for dinner – pancakes and fruit. Saturday: Was Hilary’s family party so we ate there and snacked once we got home. The week was bang-on.

Week #7: I didn’t meal plan! Whoops! Now, this didn’t happen intentionally but I just didn’t do it and felt fine about not planning out the week. Sai was home so most nights he made his own meal and I took something out of the freezer! Yes, I STILL have food in there to it…way too much.

Week #8 (upcoming): 

Sunday: Salmon, mashed potatoes, carrots, peas and corn.

Monday: Grilled Cheese as per request by Lilly. I’m not feeling the Grilled Cheese so I’m going to have Russian Chicken (I gotta empty the freezer).

Tuesday (Christmas Eve): Vegan Waffles for the girls as they are going to eat early (5 pm) and then we can have them for breakfast Christmas morning! Sai and I are going to eat later 7:30 pm – maybe Chili from last week and some vegan appetizers.

Wednesday: Christmas Dinner – Turkey (something vegan for Sai), veggies galore and if we are lucky, pie for desert…I have no clue when I’m going to pull all this together but we’ll see!

Thursday: Leftovers!

Friday: Pork chops and Salad. Sounds boring…hummmmmm, maybe beans, rice, sweet potatoes in a wrap.

Saturday: unplanned and will go with the flow today 🙂

That’s my plan but I’m feeling this week I might change it up last-minute, we’ll see. The good things is that I have a plan and don’t have to come up with a meal.

Do you grocery shop with meals in mind or just what food you think you need?

What’s the best / worst day to do your grocery shopping? 

Do you bring your kids or go solo ? {It’s so much easier without my girls}




Happenings Around Here

Keeping it simple today……enjoy!

Dec 13 Sherwoods

Lovely little ones….

girls and friends dec 2013

A little wine, hot chocolate and games (not all at the same time)

wine, hot choc and games

Are you all ready for Christmas? 

What’s your favourite Christmas/holiday tradition?

Any crazy snow/rain storms happening where you live? Or is it sunny and hot, wait I don’t want to know about that 😉

Tis the Season to Shovel Snow

I’m just like a kid when it comes to snow, as soon as it hits the ground I get excited. Excited for the fun the lies ahead but also for the physical activities that can take place. Now I’m not just talking about skiing or building snow men but more about shoveling snow. {don’t stop reading now….I’m not that crazy}.

A few years ago I worked at an Outdoor Centre in Ontario, where my husband and I met. For over 5 years, I worked outdoors in the cold, in the rain, in the heat of summer but most of all I LOVED working during the winter season. After a few major storms I grew really tried of shoveling the snow on our three rinks. However, I feel like our staff mastered how to quickly clear off our rinks in time for the programs to start in such an effective and almost scientific way.

I had a love-hate relationship with shoveling snow.

Fast forward a few years and owning our own house and longest of long driveways ever…I now really enjoy shoveling my driveway. Now, we do have a snow blower but it’s so unpredictable and I’ve had many nights that it just wouldn’t work for me no matter what tricks I tried. But that good old faithful shovel never quit on me.

To work in the outdoor field you NEED TO have good gear or your toes, fingers and body, or you will freeze to death. A snow storm means dressing up in my outdoor gear, facing the elements of snow in my face and a sore upper body the next day but that’s okay. It’s almost that same feeling after an amazing run or fantastic workout at the gym – you feel great. I enjoy shoveling snow.

Snow fall last Sunday (Dec 15/13)

serious about snow

Why? I guess mainly because I like being active. I like finding creative ways to get a workout in and shoveling snow is definitely a workout. I like the satisfaction of seeing the driveway full of snow and then the end result of it being clear. I like fresh air, cold and rosy cheeks and being outside. I like the challenge of shoveling lots of snow, even if I curse it and shed a few tears from exhaustion.

Snow storm yesterday (Dec 18/13)

snow 1

Do you like shoveling snow?

What would be your dream job? {Mine was working outdoors}

What’s one thing most people don’t like to do, that you do like?

Snow Day = Work from Home

In Nova Scotia we are lucky to have four actual seasons. Spring is beautiful as everything is “budding” and coming alive again, Summer is hot and sandy beaches, Fall is cool and enjoyable and then you have WINTER! It’s officially winter in Nova Scotia right now. Last Sunday, we got hit with about 20 cm of snow and the same amount is to fall today! Just like that we’ll have around 40 cm of snow to play in (however, we might have a tone of rain this coming Sunday – we’ll wait and see).

I love to play in the snow….snow shoe, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, sledding, playing with my girls…building snowmen, snow angels and just going for walks can be an adventure for us. Since I’m not in the school system, I don’t get snow days. However, on a day like today when the roads started off not great and were to only got worse (thank you Canada Post for delivering that package from England), I chose to work from home since Sai was home too! We kept the girl’s home from day care which was great!

The morning went a little something like this…

snow day work home

The three of them played upstairs until snack time and then came down to join me.

Our afternoon looked the same but minus little H as she was napping and Sai was moving snow!

snow day work home 2

Lilly was busy colouring, hiding and repeated that multiple times!

And then when I called it a day, we did this:

Snow fall Dec 18 2013

Lots of hot chocolate was consumed in our house today!

Sometimes I am amazed at how much work I can actually accomplish when at home. I have to admit, having lunch with my family was the highlight of my day! {sorry, no photo’s taken}

Elf 4 Health Update – I’ve been hit and miss on some of the challenges. My elf is fun to chat with and it’s nice to learn more about her and how she’s doing with the challenge too. Somethings I’ve done:

  1. Pay It Forward,
  2. Cleaned out my closet (and my husband did his too…but we did not plan that one)
  3. I shared my expertise but not on the blog. A local writer wanted a quote on the benefits of unstructured play-time. It was fun to do and I’ll share her article in a few weeks when it comes out.
  4. Meditate. This I am not good at but I did a little yoga the other night and my body felt better for it.
  5. Made a Donation to KidSport {Local funding that goes towards a child’s registration or equipment for a sport}.

Do you get snow days?

Do you pack up your work knowing a storm is coming the next day?

Do you love or hate snow days?

Getting Off the Warm and Cozy Couch

Last night I had a soccer game at 10:00 pm. Yes, that right….10 at night! I sat down on the couch with my husband around 7:30 after the girls went to bed and we had the fire going. It was warm, cozy and just perfect. My eyes were getting heavy while I was reading my copy of “The Summit Seeker” {review to come}.

All I wanted to do was stay put, read my book and hang out on the warm couch with my husband. However, I had to peel myself off the couch and get ready for soccer. At that point I was questioning “why”…”Why, go out in the cold to run around inside a cold building”. Well, I guess because I just love the sport.

We had a FULL team! Two line ups which meant less play time and more sitting on the cold bench. I started the game and within the first five minutes my lungs were hurting and I was breathing like I’ve never been active before. All I could think of was my warm couch at home and that I was completely out of shape.

My time came to sub off and rest on the bench for the next round. My lungs had adapted to the cold and I was ready to go. It felt so great to be out there playing that I forgot about the warmth of the fire and was just focused on playing the game.

Once the game ended we all quickly got our gear off, bundled up and head home.

When I arrived at home the fire still roaring. Mmmmmm, warmth 🙂

My body still pumping with energy. I grabbed a quick shower and then was wired!  Early in the evening I wasn’t sure about getting off the warm and cozy couch to head out in the cold snowy conditions to play soccer indoors…but I’m sure glad I did.

Is it snowing where you live?

We got 20 cm on Sunday, another 20 coming tonight/tomorrow and 50 cm (YES 50) expected on Sunday! Oh man we are in a winder wonderland.

Do you have a hard time leaving your warm house to head out into the cold for a workout?

Piper’s Run 2nd Blogiversary!!!

It’s been 2 years since I started this blog, what a journey it has been. My first “hello” post here. This will be my 400th post! There are over 300 of you that subscribe to my blog or at some point did {thanks for not deleting your subscription}. Lots of Facebook peeps, Twitter followers and a few Bloglovin’ friends. Thanks! It’s been a fun two years and I’ve really enjoyed this community…I’ve sure learned a lot!

I thought it would be fitting to do a little “Who’s Piper’s Run” and Amy over at Fitness Meets Frosting had this survey up a while back, so I thought it would be a good start for you to get to know me {again}.


Your Hair: Med-long, straight jet-black with a little salt in there 🙂

Tired Mama & Hilary at 3 months old.

Tired Mama & Hilary at 3 months old.

Your Mother: Amazing, strong, funny, hardworking, role model, confident, intelligent, knowledgeable, family focused, selfless, trustworthy, grandmother….simply the best!

My Mom and Dad, xo

My Mom and Dad, xo

Your Father: Ski-bum, teacher, drop-anything-to-help-you, selfless, lover of puns, remote-hogger, learner, determined, born for winter, get’s excited like a kid when the snow falls, hardworking, role model, inspirational, grandfather….irreplaceable.

Three generations skiing ~ March 21st 2013

Three generations skiing ~ March 21st 2013

Your Favourite Thing: My girls; Lillian Mae (3.5 years old) and Hilary Elise (1 year).


Brrrr, it’s cold outside!
Lillian 3.5 years and Hilary 1 years old!

Your Dream Last Night: No dreams.

Your favourite drink: Hummm…well maybe Silk Chocolate Milk or this punch I make {Lime sherbert, Seven-Up and Pineapple Juice – yum….and feel free to add a little Malibu rum in there…just sayin’}

Your Dream/Goal:

Dream: To hike Mount Kilimanjaro with my family.

Goal: To simply be happy in life (even have a tattoo to prove it).

The Room You Are In: Kitchen

Your Fear – Spiders and not being a family of four.

Where do you want to be in six years: In our forever home with my husband, 7 and 9-year-old girls…oh my! Happy, health and still running.

Where were you last night? Home with the girls, worked out {Ripped in 30 level 1} – felt great}

What are you not: Always Confident.

Muffins: Banana chocolate chip or Pumpking Vegan Muffins…not wait….chocolate vegan mint cup cakes. Cup cakes count, right?

One of your wish list items: 

Materialistic: Foam roller and new running gloves. Mine have a hole in both index fingers for picking your nose…I mean using your phone 😉

General: My family of four to be together all the time.

Where you grew up: Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA!

The last thing you did: Pulled all the bags (diaper bag, Lilly’s bag and my purse) together.

What are you wearing: Dark Brown corduroy pants, cream long-sleeved sweater and my black Blundstones. Easy and comfortable for a full day of sitting in meetings and driving.

Your Pets: Maclean, 11. Our retired sled dog.

2008: First day together :)

2008: First day together 🙂

Your Computer: Lap top & Desk top.

Missing Someone: 

Non-living: My grandparents. If I could only know what you think of my little family.

Living: My husband (been away for almost two weeks now).

sai s

Your Car: 2001 Honda Civic … Murphy, you’re getting up there, hang in buddy.

Something you are not wearing: A necklace.

Favourite Store: Well, if you look at my debt/credit card statements it would say “Superstore” (Canadian grocery store) but really it’s not. I don’t think I have a favourite store.

Your Summer: Joyful, fun, swimming.


Like Someone: Yeah, I kinda like my husband…….kidding, I love ya!

Your favourite Colour: Colbolt blue and purple.

When was the last time you laughed: Belly laughed yesterday at lunch with a co-worker/friend. It was GREAT!

Last time you cried: Monday night out of frustration with the girls during bath time. We were all tired and it ended in tears 😦

What is one thing on your to-do list? Packing up for a day trip to Halifax….family birthday celebrations for little Hilary.

What “one thing” are you excited about? The BIG snow storm coming this weekend … 20 -30 cm! Saawweeet! (I added this question).

Favourite workout: Soccer, Running and then any intense DVD workout. (I added this question too).

Anna soccer  10 years ago

Now it’s your turn…tell me about yourself:

1. Answer a few of the above questions


2. Re-post it on your blog and share the link in the comments.

Happy Friday!

Don’t Lose That Runner’s High Post Race

You’ve just run a 5k, 10k 1/2 Marathon, etc and your feeling great…maybe feeling like you are on top of the world! It’s called a runner’s high and it’s a wondering feeling, one you don’t want to lose. However, sometimes we do. You don’t plan on losing that runners high but the next day you get up and hurt all over. Rest day{s} have begun. Then another and another rest day after that too. Soon you haven’t run in a week or 2 and wondering how you’ll get back to it?

It can be so hard to lace up after training for weeks, months (okay, maybe not training at all for some people). You’ve worked so hard to get to that goal of running that race and now it’s all done. You could compare it to planning a wedding. So much time goes into planning the party that people forget the focus is  on the two people in love who are committing to spending their lives together. You have your wedding, then BOOM…it’s done. The planning ends, the decision decrease and you live the {great} married life. PS – I love being married.

tips to keep running

Anyway…I digress. After that big run you’ve worked so hard for, well…you’re tired. You just want to rest. Maybe sleep in Sunday morning instead of doing a long run. You want to stay out late and enjoy the evening with friends….not go to bed before the party has even started.

You need to keep your focus on the fact that you like to run and not stress out about taking a few days rest. Your body needs it, your mind needs it and your family and friends need YOU!

A few tips to keep you running after that fun run or BIG race:

  1. Plan for at least ONE rest day if not two. Your muscles will thank you.
  2. Walk off the painGet your body moving the next day with a light 15-30 minute walk.
  3. Stretch or Yoga. Again, your muscles will thank you and you’ll be able to relax now.
  4. Hydrate and eat well.  Just because the race is over it doesn’t mean you should stop drinking water and eating well.
  5. Plan a short easy run just to get out there 2 days after your race. Commit to it. Nothing major, no personal records to hit, just get out and get your legs moving faster than walking. Bonus if you plan it with a friend – then you are accountable to them!
  6. Commit to running 2 – 3x a week. You still need to be active to reap any health benefits…so get going and stay active.
  7. Find your next race and SIGN up! Then you can’t back out and have a new goal to work towards.
  8. Hit that “runner’s high” again. And repeat!

Oh running…how I love you and the little runner’s high you give me 🙂

Do you hit a wall after a big / important run?

How do you get back out there?

How long do you give your body to rest after a race?