FLEXR Water Bottle Review

Recently I was given a pretty cool water bottle to test out. It’s a FLEXR water bottle by FLEXR Sports.  I remember when it arrived, Lilly and Sai came home from getting the mail and Lilly shouted out that I had a package. She was really excited to see what was inside this little box so I let her open it once I got the tape off.

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Things I liked about it:

  • BPA Free (that’s important)
  • It’s biodegradable (liner and bottle!)
  • It’s pretty soft  and when you your kids drop it by mistake, it doesn’t dent like some water bottles
  • Easy adjustable open/close feature
  • They provide you with a little plug so you don’t need any liners.
  • It comes in some fun colours: blue, pink, green, purple, red, clear and green.
  • It comes in various sizes: 16 oz, 26 oz
  • I found the water didn’t have a bad taste…even if I left water in it for a few days.
  • The company donates 5% to charities!
  • AND – my toddler has figured out how to use it. One sip for Mommy and two for Lilly!!!

FLEXR Sports Water bottle

What I didn’t like about it:

  • It took me a while to figure out how to get the plastic bladder in, however over time I got better at it.
  • Once – and yes it was only once, it leaked in my bag when I went to soccer. Bit of a drag but really, it was water so not that big of a deal.


FLEXR Sports also threw in this Neo Running Pouch which I thought was pretty cool and have used on many runs for various reasons. I put it on and couldn’t figure out why it had two cords randomly coming out…..

  • You can attach your race bib to it safely without needed to use safety pins on your favourite running shirt! Genius!
  • You can fit a lot in that little pouch; small camera, ID cards, money and keys – yes I put all that in at once!
  • It actually doesn’t ride up on your body…something I was worried about. It stayed in place and every time I wore it I forgot it was on.

FLEXR Sports Water Bottle 2

They also have some other neat products: hand carriers, bottle cage for cyclists, clothing and more.

Would I recommend either product?

  • Yes. The size of bottle might be a personal preference…some may want the smaller bottle but you also have the option of a bigger bottle which might be better for cycling (that’s was my husband opinion).
  • I will use the little running pouch for my next “big” run so I can place my race bib on it…I just love this idea as I always put my race bib on last-minute AND it’s always crooked 😦

Note: I was not paid for this post but provided with the product to test out. These opinions are my own.

Have you tried this product before?

Which colour would be your favourite to choose from?