Onion, Running and Last Week’s Workouts

What a random title for a blog post, eh? Well, that’s what’s on my mind.

This morning I was chatting with a friend about making meals and she mentioned a roast was on sale at a local grocery store.  Since we were off to get groceries this morning I thought it would be a great idea to slow cook the roast with a bunch of veggies. Well, I forgot to get the onion. I’m not a big onion lover but I know it would make the roast so tasty so I’m going to hold off on making the roast. I can’t be bothered to bundle up BOTH girls and head the 3 minute drive to the store, get the girls out of the car, into the store, then back in the car only to undress them out of their winter gear…….. for 1 onion. The roast will wait.

I keep seeing running posts online, my new winter running gear and running magazines throughout my house. This makes me want to go for a run. However, it’s not that simple. I can’t run with both girls in a single stroller, my husband is away working and I can’t ask someone to watch the girls so I can go for a quick run. That’s life today….and I’m okay with that but I sure wish I could just sneak out for a quick run.

At least I’ve had some unplanned workouts over the last week after taking a few days off with Christmas. Between soccer, running and shoveling snow my body is happy to rest. Maybe, just maybe I’ll get to read a book tonight by the fire! Ohhhh!!!!!


Resolution 5k Run – little snowy/icy

Sat Dec 28: Soccer game – game changed into a scrimmage 5 v 5.

Sun Dec 29th: Snowshoeing with Hilary in the carrier and with friends – 45 minutes.

Mon Dec 30th: Soccer game

Tues Dec 31st: Resolution 5k Run (recap post to come)

Wed Jan 1st: Freezing Cold 3k 

Thurs Jan 2: I honestly don’t remember if I did anything this night or if I was just in survival mode from returning to work 😦

Fri Jan 3: Shoveled the driveway for over an hour in the afternoon and 35 minutes in the evening. My upper body is pretty tired. Actually, my whole body is exhausted.

Saturday: (today) zip, zero, nada, nothing, no activity for me…unless you count chasing after Hilary who’s walking now!

Do you plan your workouts or go on the fly?

Ever forget that one ingredient for your dinner?