Onion, Running and Last Week’s Workouts

What a random title for a blog post, eh? Well, that’s what’s on my mind.

This morning I was chatting with a friend about making meals and she mentioned a roast was on sale at a local grocery store.  Since we were off to get groceries this morning I thought it would be a great idea to slow cook the roast with a bunch of veggies. Well, I forgot to get the onion. I’m not a big onion lover but I know it would make the roast so tasty so I’m going to hold off on making the roast. I can’t be bothered to bundle up BOTH girls and head the 3 minute drive to the store, get the girls out of the car, into the store, then back in the car only to undress them out of their winter gear…….. for 1 onion. The roast will wait.

I keep seeing running posts online, my new winter running gear and running magazines throughout my house. This makes me want to go for a run. However, it’s not that simple. I can’t run with both girls in a single stroller, my husband is away working and I can’t ask someone to watch the girls so I can go for a quick run. That’s life today….and I’m okay with that but I sure wish I could just sneak out for a quick run.

At least I’ve had some unplanned workouts over the last week after taking a few days off with Christmas. Between soccer, running and shoveling snow my body is happy to rest. Maybe, just maybe I’ll get to read a book tonight by the fire! Ohhhh!!!!!


Resolution 5k Run – little snowy/icy

Sat Dec 28: Soccer game – game changed into a scrimmage 5 v 5.

Sun Dec 29th: Snowshoeing with Hilary in the carrier and with friends – 45 minutes.

Mon Dec 30th: Soccer game

Tues Dec 31st: Resolution 5k Run (recap post to come)

Wed Jan 1st: Freezing Cold 3k 

Thurs Jan 2: I honestly don’t remember if I did anything this night or if I was just in survival mode from returning to work 😦

Fri Jan 3: Shoveled the driveway for over an hour in the afternoon and 35 minutes in the evening. My upper body is pretty tired. Actually, my whole body is exhausted.

Saturday: (today) zip, zero, nada, nothing, no activity for me…unless you count chasing after Hilary who’s walking now!

Do you plan your workouts or go on the fly?

Ever forget that one ingredient for your dinner?

12 thoughts on “Onion, Running and Last Week’s Workouts

  1. Hope you can get a run in soon! I never plan my workouts – when I go to the gym I know which body parts I want to hit, but not which exercises I’ll use to work them. Same with most of my runs, I usually don’t plan a route, just go where I feel. Not all the time though. And track workouts are a different story!

  2. I definitely have forgotten ingredients for recipes! I’m the same way… .I need to have everything lol. Especially if it’s a recipe I made a lot…it just won’t be the same without it!!!!

  3. That onion makes the difference! I cannot make anything with minced beef without an onion. Bolognese, Chilli, Enchiladas, I need an onion! Tastes so much nicer.
    Soccer has just confused me! I thought soccer was our Football. But I’m sure Scrimmage/ scrummage refers to our Rugby! I could be wrong though!

  4. I have a bad habit of forgetting chicken broth when I’m making soup, it’s such a simple ingredient but it totally messes up the whole soup without it

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