Forget That Your Body Aches

You know you’ve had a great workout the day before, when:

  1. Squatting to use the bathroom kills your thighs and you worry you’ll have to go pee again.
  2. Bending over to pick up your kids toys feels SO good on your hamstrings and you stay in the “pose” a little longer. Maybe because you like the stretch or because you can’t move.
  3. When you walk up stairs, any stairs, your calf muscles are shocked that you are using them again.
  4. You go to reach for something up high and feel your back moan.

Then you put your shorts, shirt and sneakers on and workout just as hard!

Feel that burn…ALL…DAY….LONG!


PS – Thank you T25 for an awesome workout yesterday at the office with my co-worker. Always nice to have a partner-in-crime when doing a fun crazy workout, dripping in sweat and laughing it off together. Can’t wait for next week’s workouts.

5 thoughts on “Forget That Your Body Aches

  1. I can relate to this. Aching muscle after a workout is an indication of a good workout. When I started running I had a hard time going up or down the stairs. Good thing I don’t feel that way anymore since I’m running a lot these days.

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