Don’t Forget Your Socks & Workouts

This week has been a pretty busy week but somehow I’ve managed to get in some great workouts! It all started last Sunday when I ran 5k in Halifax. I love to run, I love to play soccer and I am really enjoying some dvd workouts that I have. It’s hard for me to stick to just one thing and I’m hoping that will pay off in the long run. I even decided which races I am going to do this year!!!

While at the physio clinic today, this quote was facing me on the wall:

Believe Quote

Workouts for Jan 12th – 18th:

SundayMec Race One 5k with Krystol

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – T25 Total Body Cardio at work with my co-worker, Melissa. Killer workout!

Wednesday – Soccer game … lots of sprinting and recovery. Sure hoping this can count as speed training for my running 😉

Thursday – T25 Speed 1.0 at work with Melissa. I wasn’t really feeling like working out especially since I saw my Physiotherapist this morning for the back pain I’ve been having for the last 6 months. Gotta work on my core and hip flexors! This workout went by fast – awesome!

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – Run on our new treadmill! Yup, we finally got it and it’s all good to go!

It’s pretty awesome getting my workout done at work AND having a workout buddy. It makes me more accountable and I have to plan (pack appropriate gear) the night before. Just make sure you pack everything you need….

Don't forget your socks

Don’t forget your socks

Wow, that could have been really embarrassing not changing back into my non-workout socks!

Don’t forget about The Summit Seeker GIVEAWAY!

Any great workouts this week?

Do you have a workout buddy?

Do you workout while you’re at work? (lunch break, directly before or after).

14 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Your Socks & Workouts

  1. A new treadmill? Gosh I can’t even stay on one for more than 10 minutes. Good for you though 🙂 I love those socks! This week I delved back into crossfit and I am sore! I don’t work out at lunch. I wish I could but there’s no showers near by 🙂

    • It’s our first treadmill so I’m pretty excited. I prefer to run outside but my husband is away often so this will allow me to run when the girls are asleep! Can’t believe I’m so excited to run on a treadmill, ha ha!

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