Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Awards

It’s snowing like crazy here! Lilly and I have already done one around of shoveling and I’m sure I’ll be doing another round tonight –> Guess I am getting an upper body workout in today and maybe a run later tonight on “The Beast“.

Last week I was tagged in a blog post by the lovely Helly from Helly On The Run (Thanks Helly!!!). She recently rocked out a sub 2 hour 1/2 Marathon (and she has two little ones with the youngest around 6 months old). Hard Core Mama!!!


Here we go:

The Rules:

1. Post the logo on your blog.
2. Thank the person who nominated you.
3. Answer the questions.
4. Choose 10 or so other ladies who blog as your nominees.
5. Post the links to the nominees’ blogs and notify them on their blog.


1. What is your favorite color? I love cobalt blue, hands down my favourite colour. Then purple. I wear a lot of purple running, to work and just around the house but cobalt blue is where my heart sits.

2. Favourite Animal? Things is a tough one. We have the most amazing Inuit Husky, so I’m a little attached to her. But I also think Sandpiper’s are pretty cool. Long legs, eat tones of fish, leave on the beach and they have spots kinda like I have freckles 😉

2008: First day together :)

2008: First day together 🙂

Really, I like them because I’m named after them. No, Anna is no form of Sandpiper. But, if you’ve read my about me page you’ll know that my nickname to some is Sandpiper. It was a name I chose years ago when I was teaching Earth Education programs. Mainly, other staff called me Piper….hence Piper’s Run!


3. Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Hummm……I guess I would say Silk Soy Chocolate Milk. It’s one of my go-to special treats that I have every so often. I love having it after a long, hard run.

4. Facebook or Twitter? I’m more of a Facebook fan. I love that I can see my family and friends plus their kids growing up, their adventures and milestones. I try hard not to spend too much time on FB as I don’t want it to consume my life…however, I’ll be honest, some days it does. Then I have days when I have zero time for it and playing catch-up on FB takes way too long. Twitter and I are still trying to figure life out together. I’ve got an account (@PipersRun) and every so often tweet but then I just kinda forget about it. It can be hard to write just 140 characters 😉

5. Favorite Pattern? I don’t have a favourite pattern but I’d have to say I do like stripes socks. Not sure why but I find them fun to wear!

6. What is your passion? Besides my little family? These sweet little girls are pretty awesome and it’s hard not to be passionate about them and their Dad.

The Sherwoods Dec 2013

Christmas 2013

Being active is my other passion. I’m passionate about getting other’s active, working with others to get more people active and trying to role model that within my own family. I’m a Regional Physical Activity Coordinator during the day so I can be mommy, wife, friend at night/weekends. I love what I do and those I work with so it makes it easy to go to work every day.

These are a few my favourite female bloggers. They inspire me to be active and I enjoy following their blogs. Some  are new to me, some old…some from far away and some, okay…… all but one are all far away from me. Hope you check them out!

Ashley @ Chocolate Covered Race Medals

Amy @ Fitness Meets Frosting

Elle @ Eat Run Sail

Laura @ This Is Thirty

Molly @ A Fresh Start For Molly

Abi @ Abs of Steel

Erin @ Swift Fox

Couch To Running

Tartan Jogger

Have you see the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Awards before?

Share with me one of your newest blogs you follow in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Awards

  1. Anna, thanks so much! Will have to check out the other blogs you nominated, too. I am always up for these fun reads… get to learn more about you! Your dog is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. aww, thanks for including me! I love this survey, especially the part about your passion. I’m sure it’ll be fun to answer 🙂

  3. Aww thanks for the tag 🙂
    Honestly I think you are quite awesome! Having 2 little ones and keeping fit and active is definitely an achievement! I hope when I have kids I can juggle everything!

    Btw how did you become a Regional Physical Activity Coordinator? That sounds like an awesome job!

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