Miles to Kilometers…OR Kilometers to Miles?

Hello Monday….we meet again 😦

We just had a fantastic weekend as a family of four. Yes, we were all together, played outside in the snow, hit up a great birthday party for a cute little 1-year-old boy (Hilary’s boyfriend), I got some cleaning done and my husband and I had a date night in.

Hilary and Lillian

Hilary and Lillian

Oh – and I had an interesting run Saturday night. The plan was to run 5k. Simple or so I thought!

After using our treadmill a.k.a. THE BEAST a few times I decided I wanted to change the distance from Miles to Kilometers. Why would you do that? Well, I am Canadian and we do everything in kilometers. If someone says to me, “the store was two miles away”…I would have to calculate that in my head (not happening) and really think about the miles. If you said “the store is two km way”…I’d probably say, okay, cool.

Even though I thought about writing/printing out a miles/km chart that I can place by “the beast” I didn’t want to mess with my head when running. Also, I kinda hide 1/2 the distance so I only see the end numbers 1 :55, not the first number. Anyway, last week I was running and thought I was almost done my 3.1 miles (not really a FULL 5k) and actually looked at the distance and I was a WHOLE mile off! Dang…I had to keep running.

So, I changed it to KM Saturday night and feel so much better. The run however had it’s up’s and downs.

I had another stitch on the inside of my left rib cage so I pushed through to 2.5k and thought I just need to make it to 3k. At 3k, I slowed down, put my arms in the air and took it easy for a minute. Then increased the speed and was thinking that 5k was out of the question. I just needed to make it to 4 and then I would stop.

When 4k hit I was actually feeling pretty good so I decided to plow through it and get 5k. Just before 5k I turned up the speed even more. My legs were going full tilt and it felt great to be RUNNING, so I ran just over 6k (6.2k to be exact).

I wanted to run more but I was planning on going outside for a run on Sunday. Whomp, whomp, that didn’t happen but other important life moments with my family did.

Post run snack: blueberries with coconut greek yogurt and energy balls

Post run snack: blueberries with coconut greek yogurt and energy balls

It was hard to come back to work today and knowing my husband has to leave again tomorrow for a few days kinda sucks. The girls get so excited when he comes home. I had a few moments this weekend that all I could do watch Sai and the girls and was just completely in love. #HappyRunningMama that, I am 🙂

PS – Bell Let’s Talk Day – Jan 28th 2014

Tomorrow, in Canada it’s #BellLetsTalk day. What does that mean? Well, it’s a day where Bell customers can help end the stigma around mental health. I wrote about it last year and you’ll be seeing me tweet A LOT tomorrow and text those that I can.

Why? Because Bell will donate 5 cents  towards mental health initiatives for every text message sent, mobile and long distance calls made, tweets using #BellLetsTalk (USE IT) and sharing their Bell Let’s Talk image on Facebook!

Did you know: 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a form of mental illness at some point in their life. 

Will YOU join me tomorrow and include #BellLetsTalk as a hashtags with twitter (or text, call etc. if you are a Bell subscriber)???? Twitter: @Bell_LetsTalk

How was your weekend?

Did you get outside?

Anyone involved with an organization that raises money for mental illness?

Add #BellLetsTalk to your twitter tomorrow – Please and Thank you 🙂


29 thoughts on “Miles to Kilometers…OR Kilometers to Miles?

  1. Another danger of the treadmill, it’s always easy to go another 1/4 mile (or .4km). Before you know you’ve run too far on an easy day… By the way, do you have a special Canadian treadmill? I don’t even think mine does kilometers. Nice run.

    • I may be more aware of my “miles” when I do a bigger run next time. Almost every training plan out there is in Miles…hard to find those km training plans…might have to make my own 😉

  2. I don’t understand why Canadians talk about miles on their blogs & such when our races are in kilometres. I tried to convert to miles when I trained for marathons but it just gets so darn confusing in my head. Besides it sounds better to say I ran 21k instead of 13.1 miles.

  3. Cute cute pics of all the kids playing in the snow! I have made the mental conversion from km to miles enough times in my head now that it doesn’t really bother me. Yes, I wish the US would switch to the metric system like the rest of the world. But that’s the least of our problems that Canada has already figured out how to get right.

  4. I did that once for speed training on the treadmill, and the miles seem to take so much longer. Well they do but mentally it just messes me up. I have a friend though who likes miles better because it feels like less she says when she counts down during a race… Good for you for getting that run in though, the treadmill can be really tough some days! I had a half marathon on Sunday in foggy Vancouver 🙂

    • My husband tried to teach me about “stones”…oh dear, he lost me after a while! ha ha. When I was in England I bought a few baby food books and everything was in oz not cups like we do here. Not to hard if you have a good chart but sure changes things if you don’t follow right!

  5. I’m a miles person! I can visualise a mile a heck of a lot better then a Km. The gym equipment at the gym I go to is all in KM. I never know how far Ive done. I’d keep it to what your used to! 🙂

  6. I flip between miles and km a fair bit! The first full marathon I ran was in the US, and I followed a plan (supplied by them) that was in miles. I got accustomed to it because I knew all the course markers would be in miles, and I found that I liked “counting less”, maybe the lower number (ie running 10 miles vs running 16 km) was less intimidating? Also my treadmill is in miles (no option of switching). Now I can do the distance math in my head, and I know approximate mile/minute to km/minute conversions.

    ps, your kids are flipping adorable! I can’t blame you for wanting to hang out with them over running 🙂

    • I would have used miles for a race if I trained that way too. Yes, 10 miles does sound better then 16km…it’s all in the actual number!

      Aww, thanks. We think they are pretty cute too 🙂

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