Yawn…why am I tired?

Yawn, yawn goes my face today. I slept like a log last night and couldn’t figure out why I was so tired this morning. Then I had the following two conversations that made me laugh, both times… out loud.

Conversation #1 with my husband: 

Me: How was your night?

Sai: Pretty good, had one patient and then it was a quiet night. And yours?

Me: Well, after I got the girls to bed, I took out the compost, shoveled the driveway, did the dishes, washed/dried some laundry then ran 5k, showered and stretched. I got up at some point but can’t really remember if it was with one of the girls or just for me to use the bathroom. I slept like a log.

Sai: Ahh, well that’s a long list of things you did. Could be why you are so tired this morning.

Me: Humm…yes!

Conversation #2 today – with my Mother:

Me: Dialing phone number as I yawn into the phone and say hello mid-yawn.

Mom: You’re tired dear. What were you doing?

Me: Well, last night …after I got the girls to bed, I took out the compost, shoveled the driveway, did the dishes, washed/dried some laundry then ran 5k, showered and stretched.

Mom: While laughing, she replies with “you lost me a ran 5k”. You should really rest tonight, dear.

Me: Yawn…good idea Mom!

Apparently if you sleep like a log it doesn’t always mean you are well rested.


Tonight’s plan after the girls are in bed:

  • Shovel driveway – should only take 10-15 minute … we had light snow fall last night after I shoveled the first time. Might even skip this.
  • Yoga / Stretch and focus on my back exercises
  • Rest with my feet up by the fire *might even take a picture if you’re lucky*

I am hoping this will reduce the yawning tomorrow and make me feel a little more rejuvenated and ready for the weekend!

Do you sleep like a long after a busy day?

How often to you yawn?

When do you need a break from doing everything?

15 thoughts on “Yawn…why am I tired?

  1. I have a really hard time sleeping like a log no matter how exhausted I am. I hope that changes someday!

    Right now, I take a break to walk twice a day. This action, though it is action, helps me feel more rejuvenated even than sleeping these days.

    I hope your feet-up evening is restful. 🙂

  2. sounds like supermom needs a nap 🙂 I’ve actually been having trouble sleeping lately despite the fact that I’ve been going to bed exhausted.

    • I don’t feel like supermom but I had a good laugh when I stood outside in my running gear and sweater shoveling some of the driveway…then went inside to get my winter gear on so I wouldn’t freeze! Rest and early to bed is what I need tonight 🙂
      Sure hope your sleep get’s better.

  3. Your list made me tired! I only sleep like a log maybe once a month. I have a really hard time turning off my brain and as a result I go to bed way too late and usually wake up too early (like even before my daughter). I need more rest!

  4. Hi! I sometimes sleep like a log and feel tired the following day. I think it’s due to bad digestion. If my body is working all night trying to break down the bad food combinations I did that evening, surely it is tired in the morning. But of course, the shovelling, running, etc could just as well be the reason! Take it easy! Alix

    • Maybe too much sleep (or deep sleep) isn’t great when you don’t always get it. I find if I am up with the girls a few nights in a row I function way better then when I get a full night’s sleep!

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