Monkey Update: 12, 13 & 14 Months Old!

Happy 14 Months Hilary! Yes, she’s 14 months today! It’s been a while since I’ve given an update on our not-so-little monkey. Her last update was for 11 months old and I haven’t managed to pull together her 12 month update so I’m combining the last few months since they all mesh in my head 😉

Hilary: hours old to 6 months

Hilary: hours old to 6 months


  • Christmas
  • Dancing to any music
  • Putting barrettes in her hair
  • Playing outside in the snow
  • Middle of the night snuggles with Mummy
  • All food, especially asparagus, blueberries, humus and bananas (not together).
  • When Daddy comes home – the excitement just explodes from her body!
  • Love, love, loves her BIG sister – plays with her, laughs with her and sheds a few tears because of her 😉


  • When certain people leave the room
  • Grapefruit – we tried this the other day and her head just shook back and forth..oy!
  • Witching hour – between when we get home at the end of the day and when dinner is ready
Hilary 7 - 12 + months

Hilary 7 – 12 + months

What she’s been up to:

  • Crab crawling, standing and then started walking on December 31st ! ! !
  • Eating normal meals – I make ONE meal (90% of the time) and we ALL eat it! LIFE – CHANGING – MOMENT!
  • Talking, talking and more talking. Some favourite words: hot, dada, muma, up, apple, ball.
  • Sleeping pretty good unless she’s getting MASSIVE molars 😦
  • Exploring everything and absorbing everything her sister does and then trying it.
Hilary and Lillian

Hilary and Lillian

If your new to the blog (there are a lot of you – yeah!), you can catch up here:

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This is my last Monkey Update 😦 But you’ll see the girls, my parenting fails (joking), attempts at running/working out and maybe even some new recipes.

Thanks for reading!

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