Hello February…Bye bye January

Just like that we are done January 2014! Did it fly by for you or was it slow as a slug? I felt I had moments of both. With two little ones I always just want time to freeze because they are growing so fast. Before we know it they won’t want to snuggle anymore, hang out with us….who am I kidding…they’ll ALWAYS want to hang out with us and snuggle 😉

Last month I managed to get a good number of runs, soccer games and workouts in. I kept a little snap shot in my handy dandy “running” (turned workout) book. It looks a little something like this:

Running Log Book

Yes, I know there’s an app for that but I like writing it down and having that tangible book that I can look at. Plus, I don’t have a personal cell phone but a Blackberry for work…and well, I don’t want to be glued to my work phone when I’m not at work.

Total kilometers I ran in January: 48 (29.82 miles) – This might not seem like a lot to you…but it is to me! All while working full-time and with my husband away fairly often. Soccer Games played: 2  Games missed: 2 😦 T25 Workouts at work:  3. I love getting my workout done at lunch AND have a workout buddy, thanks Melissa!

February Goals:

  • Run 15 -20 km a week
  • Run once during my lunch break when schedule permits (not on the road)
  • T25 at work during my lunch break when schedule permits
  • Take Lilly downhill skiing and skating
  • Play outside with girls
  • Date night when hubby is home
  • Enjoy the Olympics
  • Aim to be in bed by 10 pm
  • Stay on track with our budget
  • Clean something in my house (I have a list of 40 things) … maybe the fridge I started last month
  • Plan my blogging posts better (don’t spend every night trying to compose 1 post)

And, I may or may not have had my lunch in our boardroom at work….just so I could watch some of the Olympics!


When your department is called “Health & Wellness, Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation” you can kind of get away with watching the Olympics randomly throughout the day! Tomorrow, we are all wearing RED to support our Canadians in Sochi!

Do you have any plans for February?

Have you given up on your New Year’s Resolutions already? 

Are you pumped for the Olympics? What’s your favourite sport to watch?