I’ve been MIA

Wow, I’ve been a little MIA on the blog this past week. Life has been crazy – busy. I even have a few posts drafted but have had no time to go back and finish them. This is my best highlight to share with you all :

Lilly’s first time skating ever… on her own… ever!!!

Lilly's first skate!

Lilly’s first skate!

Pretty awesome!

Daddy's girls :)

Lake skating!

I feel like I’ve been running my little butt off this last week, with actually no running at all 😦 Soccer, Swimming (party), Skating, Physio, Soccer, WORK and an upcoming snow storm to hit over the next few days! Fun times had by all!

I’ve barely had time to even watch the Olympics …crazy, I know….obvoiusly my priorities are messed up right now 😉 I do love waking up to see how well everyone is doing! PS – GO CANADA GO!

I’m off to get a little run in on THE BEAST!

Are you watching the Olympics? 

Favourite moment so far?