Parenting Mistake #458

Parenting mistake #458:  Never give the watch you wear EVERY day to your 14 month old. Even if it means she will be calm, happy and quiet for a few minutes.

Last night before dinner I gave Hilary my watch as she was LOOOOOOOOSING it! She kept pointing to my watch so I gave it to her thinking it would make her happy, calm her down and it would buy us  a few minutes of quiet time.


I forgot about my watch and a few hours later I realized it was missing. Dang! I looked everywhere…even got on my hands and needs to look as the view of a toddler.

I went to bed with it missing and planning to wear my Garmin as I apparently need a watch on my arm at all times! Weird, eh!

I woke up this morning and found it hidden among the diaper supplies in her room.


Lesson learned – never give her MY watch.

Lessons learned from Lilly’s early years – never give her my keys or sunglasses. You’d think I’d learn!

Any parenting mistakes you’ve made?

What’s the one thing you cannot go without each day?

9 thoughts on “Parenting Mistake #458

  1. I’m not a parent but I have done my fair share of babysitting. I learned to never bring out the iPhone, you’re not going to pull that sucker away without some tears.

    • Good call! I don’t let my kids play with my cell phone as it’s a work one but my oldest loves her Grandfathers IPod – and asked to watch videos and look at pictures…she know’s how to use it and she not even 4!

    • I went without my cell phone for a year (maternity leave) and it was great 98 % of the time 🙂 It’s amazing how we become dependent on certain things. For me it’s my watch for some odd reason.

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