Pickleball, Valentine’s and Olympics!

Yup, that was the most random title for a blog post – I wonder if I’ll get “Freshly Pressed” for that one 😉

It’s been a fun few days between work and home with the girls. I managed to play Pickle Ball the other day at work – yeah, I know… lucky us! We played for about 45 minutes then met all day – pretty good way to start a meeting, eh!

Pickle Ball is completely new to me but apparently gaining popularity among senior’s groups! I grew up playing badminton and love the sport so Pickle Ball was pretty awesome! You have a paddle and waffle ball (the colour of a pickle) and play on a badminton court. You can use normal badminton nets or these smaller indoor tennis tents! 

pickle ball

Pickle Ball players in training!

We celebrated Valentine’s Day. Watched a bunch of Olympics and played in the snow…again!

Olympics and Valentines Day Girls

The girls are pretty into that hockey game (Can. vs. Fin).

Running these days….I feel like I am the Queen of procrastination this week in regards to my running. It was kinda taking a back seat to life, work and coming down with a cold. I’ve played soccer, played in the snow, skated and managed a few lousy runs. It took me a lot of convincing Saturday night to get my run in. 

I have no races coming up and I think that’s why my motivation is lacking to run right now. I’m thinking a virtual run is needed in the next 4 weeks or I’m just going to have to set some goals to get some good running in.


Me, not overly impressed about going for a run. It happens.

What did you do this weekend?

Anyone loving the Olympics or is it starting to get old? (I’m loving it!)

Have you ever played or heard of Pickle Ball ?