Snow Shoe Tuesday

After having a pretty shitty Monday, I figured today would be better. Last week my co-worker, Melissa and I planned to snowshoeing this week and chose today. Well, it was just what I needed. I packed all my gear last night as you can’t really wear dress pants and shoes out in the cold 😉 I really needed some fresh air, a little sun light and some time with good friends.

Snowshoe at lunch time!

On my feet today

On my feet today

It’s always great being surrounded by like-minded people.




Do you workout with anyone at work?

Do you plan lunch activities with other co-workers or friends?

11 thoughts on “Snow Shoe Tuesday

  1. Lots of people in my office work out at lunch because we have two gyms nearby. I prefer to go near home so I can go on the weekends. Because we’re right in the centre of London it’s hard to do any non-gym exercise but we’re moving to a new office and I’m hoping for a free in-house gym.

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