Treadmill Workout

It’s time to change-up the workout on THE BEAST. I love running and do a lot on the treadmill. I know, I know…some people think that’s bad but you know what……it’s the one way I can get my kilometers in. Either that or I don’t get to run…so I chose the treadmill…oh, I mean “the beast”.

I have a tone of workouts on my “Workouts to try” board on Pinterest and am testing a few of them out.  This one is on tap tonight as I’m on the road and staying in a hotel. Yup, Mommy’s first over-night away from both girls and Daddy’s got them – good luck Saï ….. said with love, xo.

She Rocks Snow Day Workout – or any day really.


Source: She Rocks Fitness

Give it a go!

Do you combine treadmill workouts with other workouts?

What’s your favourite (ha ha) treadmill workout?