Babysitting Water

Most blogger just blog about good things that are happening in their lives. I mean, really , who wants to blog about crappy things…not me. But I’m going to today.

It’s not life or death (thank goodness).

No one was hurt (thank goodness)

But it’s been one of those days….well 24 hours more like it.

I am now babysitting water…

I’ll start with some positives in the last few days:

  1. Sai was home 🙂
  2. Lilly and I had a day together – got our hair cut and out for lunch
  3. Saï and Hilary got to hang out together, watch the Olympics, play and a lunch date too.
  4. Saï and I got to go on a date! We went to Sushi Fang (Sushi and Thai food) – didn’t take any pictures – whoops! But it was AWESOME!
  5. We had a fun play date/watched the Canadian Men’s team win gold with our friends.

An attempt to get a picture of us for Daddy.

No so good things:

  1. Saï had to leave and go back to work 😦
  2. We have no water. NO, WATER!!!!
  3. Girls are sick and Hilary was up most of the night.
  4. Missed my Physio appointment this morning and had to take today off work 😦

We had NO WATER. Nothing. Zilch. Zero. Nothing coming out of the taps and the toilets wouldn’t flush. I called my awesome neighbour and she literally came running over to help. Then I called a friends husband who came over to check it out. We ended the night with no water. I got the girls to bed and decided that I couldn’t run because I couldn’t shower. Who wants to go to bed after sweating ??? Not me. Run failed 😦

I had to cancel my Physio appointment and a few meetings at work since I had to stay home and wait for a plumber to come fix our water. Well…………let’s just say, we now have NEW everything! New, holding tank, new power box and new pump in our well….along with a new bill we were not expecting. Bummer….

I now am sitting here babysitting our water. Yes folks, I have to turn our water on every so often and test the colour to get all the sediment out. Then we have to wait 4-5 days until we can shower/wash clothing.

So much for running, showering and catching up on missed sleep from last night. Guess, I’ll go turn the water on and watch it flow out … maybe I’ll vacuum too – get all domestic today.

The joys of owning your own home and adulthood was brought to you by the letters (and number) H 2 O.

Ever have to fix your well? 

Tell me something good that happened today?

5k – All In A Day’s Work

Last week, I managed to get outside a few times. I had a challenging run during lunch one day and then completed 5k but it wasn’t while running! How does one manage to get 5k in without running at all?

Cross Country Skiing! 

I had to meet with a co-worker last Wednesday to connect on a few projects and somehow managed to run their staff through a basic cross-country ski lesson. You see, when I worked at the Outdoor Centre (where my husband and I met) that was my job….to teach cross-country skiing (and snowshoeing, winter camping, fire building, canoeing, kayaking, high ropes etc). Yes, lucky me 🙂

So before our sit down meeting, I did the basic lesson and massively embarrassed myself when I face planted while double poll planting 😦 After the lesson we went on the trail and ended up skiing just over 5k (thanks to my Green Garmin).  We then had our sit down meeting and that was my afternoon at work!

Feet of Piper's Run

The awesome activity doesn’t stop there. I had another meeting with someone else Thursday afternoon during the women’s gold medal game. Why, oh why, did I book the meeting then, I’ll never know, but I was able to listen to the crazy intense game on my radio while driving to and from the meeting. Let’s just say I was on the edge of my car seat for the last 10 minutes of the 3rd period. Well done ladies!

Back to my meeting. I arrive and instead of a sit down meeting we had a walking meeting. YES! We walked for 40 minutes outside and discussed everything that we needed to, then went inside to chat for another 20 minutes and warmed up as the wind was fairly cold. Thursday was supposed to be my “rest day” from any activity but it was kinda nice to get a good power walk in during my work day. Bonus!

If only I could have walking meetings every day 🙂 

Does your job every have you being active?

Have you ever had a “walking meeting” before? 

Did you enjoy the Olympics, happy it’s over or can’t wait for the Paralympics to start March 7th ???

Hurrrrryyyyyy HARD and Run!

That’s what I felt like on my run today! I wasn’t necessarily in a hurry but it sure was HARD! I was running on packed snow, slush, patches of ice and more hard packed snow. Lesson learned – it’s friggin’ hard running on snow.

I packed my bags early in the morning with the intentions of working out at lunch. Running gear and indoor workout gear (T25 DVD)…I few options depending on how I felt. It was such a beautiful sunny day, yet slightly cold too but I chose to run outside. Crazy Canadian Girl 😉 The plan was 3 – 4 km depending on how I felt.

Feb 18 Run Kentville

This was the best conditions I encountered!

The Run: I decided to run in a completely different direction then I would normally and slowly remembered why I never ran that way before. Hills, hills and more hills….but I nailed them! I may have slowed down my pace a little but I still manage to climb each hill, hurrrrraying HARD. Yes, that’s a curling reference…I’m all over the Olympics, guys!!

I was almost finished my run and was running down a nice little hill when I came face-to-face with a little sidewalk snow plow! My hands went up in the air and I screamed at the guy! Not because he was going fast but because I was in such shock to come face-to-face with a snow plow on the side-walk at lunch time. I quickly jumped over the snow bank onto the road, let it pass and we both had a good laugh, then I jumped back over the snow bank and onto the sidewalk. Hurdles, anyone?

I was nearing my finish point and saw my Green Garmin click 4.50 km so I kept running until I hit 5k. I finished with one soaker, loads of mud/salt/dirt up the back of my body and completely spent! I can 5 k (3.1 miles) in 33 minutes – not bad for me considering the conditions of the sidewalks.

I got back to the office and felt great…well, except my poor old lady’s back. It started bothering me right away. Sure wish all my Phyiso appointments and exercises at home would pay off one of these days.

So, I hurrrrrrayed HARD today on my run and it felt great.

Now to rest by the fire and catch up on some blogs and the Olympics.

Ever come face-to-face with a snow pow while out on a run?

What’s the hardest ground conditions you’ve run in?

And of course….what Olympic competition are you waiting to see? Me, Women’s doubles bobsled – go Heather (We met her last year and got to hold her medal!!!), WOMEN’s and MEN’s hockey! 

Canadian Gold Medalist - Heather Moyse - Bobsledding.




Cheers, Piper.

Pickleball, Valentine’s and Olympics!

Yup, that was the most random title for a blog post – I wonder if I’ll get “Freshly Pressed” for that one 😉

It’s been a fun few days between work and home with the girls. I managed to play Pickle Ball the other day at work – yeah, I know… lucky us! We played for about 45 minutes then met all day – pretty good way to start a meeting, eh!

Pickle Ball is completely new to me but apparently gaining popularity among senior’s groups! I grew up playing badminton and love the sport so Pickle Ball was pretty awesome! You have a paddle and waffle ball (the colour of a pickle) and play on a badminton court. You can use normal badminton nets or these smaller indoor tennis tents! 

pickle ball

Pickle Ball players in training!

We celebrated Valentine’s Day. Watched a bunch of Olympics and played in the snow…again!

Olympics and Valentines Day Girls

The girls are pretty into that hockey game (Can. vs. Fin).

Running these days….I feel like I am the Queen of procrastination this week in regards to my running. It was kinda taking a back seat to life, work and coming down with a cold. I’ve played soccer, played in the snow, skated and managed a few lousy runs. It took me a lot of convincing Saturday night to get my run in. 

I have no races coming up and I think that’s why my motivation is lacking to run right now. I’m thinking a virtual run is needed in the next 4 weeks or I’m just going to have to set some goals to get some good running in.


Me, not overly impressed about going for a run. It happens.

What did you do this weekend?

Anyone loving the Olympics or is it starting to get old? (I’m loving it!)

Have you ever played or heard of Pickle Ball ?