February Freeze but I’m Marching On….

Okay, that was the worst use of words ever! It was too much fun to not title the post like that….OR I need to get out of the house more often 😉  I set a few goals for February to help keep me on track but I have to be honest,  I never printed them, wrote them down or referred back to the post…not once.

These are the February goals I set:

  • Run 15 -20 km a week – Nope, didn’t even come close.
  • Run once during my lunch break when schedule permits (not on the road) – Yes, did this once. Ha!
  • T25 at work during my lunch break when schedule permits – Didn’t happen at all – whoops!
  • Take Lilly downhill skiing and skating – Skating yes and we are actually going downhill skiing tomorrow … so I am on track.
  • Play outside with girls – Mission accomplished.
  • Date night when hubby is home – We actually went out on a date once this month …. that’s pretty good.
  • Enjoy the Olympics – Sure did and looking forward to the Paralympics starting this Friday.
  • Aim to be in bed by 10 pm – Maybe 5/28 nights I accomplished this one.
  • Stay on track with our budget – Sure did.
  • Clean something in my house (I have a list of 40 things) … maybe the fridge I started last month – Nope.
  • Plan my blogging posts better – Not really.

I felt like February was such a crazy month between work and home life that I didn’t even think about a lot of these “goals”. Oh well, that’s how we roll here. I did however have some pretty awesome workouts:

  • 5 – Runs for a total of 21 kilometers for February (69 km for the year…so far).
  • 3 – Soccer Games
  • 1 – 5k Cross Country Ski (for work)
  • 1  – Snow shoe Hike at lunch
  • 1  – Skating on the lake with Lilly – first time ever!
  •  1  – Swimming – trip to the pool with Lilly – lots of fun!
  • 1 – 40 minute walk – “working meeting” – seriously…I had a 40 minute working meeting one day!
My February Monthly Workouts

My February Monthly Workouts

My March Plans:

  • Get better sleep (really hoping the girls hear me on this one)
  • Run, run and more running. Run four times a week, once outside – 5k or more.
  • Participating in Around The World Running Blog Relay!
  • Skiing, snowshoeing and outdoor skating at least once with the girls.
  • Stay on budget and figure out a plan for our awesome new Plumbing bill (dang well/pump). Good news is that we have awesome water now 🙂
  • Watch Paralympics online as much as I can.
  • Blog. (Yes, I’m keeping that one simple…just blog).
  • Get more involved in Swirl Gear Ambassador program and Fit Fuential Ambassador program – yes…I recently become both!
  • Clean something in the house each week – seriously, I gotta get a move on my list.

I enjoyed February but am happy to see March. I’m not sick of the snow yet but feel like in another 2-3 weeks I’ll be happy to see the end of winter. Fingers crossed we don’t get any more LARGE dumping’s of snow.

Do you have any plans for March?

Running any races? Monthly challenges? Cleaning plans for your house?

How much sleep do you get a night? Be honest 🙂