I’m still exhausted from skiing

I’m so exhausted from yesterday’s adventure with Lilly that I can hardly lift my arms, my  legs are like dead weights and my head hurts like I am hung over. How does that happen?

Last month I had a goal of taking Lilly skiing…and that didn’t happen but I did book off March 3rd weeks ago so I could follow through on this. Our day looked a little something like this:

Dropped little H off at day care and drove to our local ski hill…Ski Martock. Got our gear on and ready to go. Met Grammy for a quick hug and then on to the bunny hill.

march 3 ski lilly

Three runs later it was snack time according to Lilly. Grammy and Lilly hung out while I got two whole runs in by myself….something I haven’t done in at least 4 years!

My solo runs

My solo runs

Lilly and I went out for another two runs on the bunny hill…then it was time for lunch….according to Lilly. I guess we know who’s the boss. I ran into a friend of mine and her 8-year-old daughters – yes, twins! We hung out, had lunch and then Lilly wanted to go out again! I couldn’t say no to her 🙂 Grammy left us after a few photo ops and we did another 5 runs on the bunny hill.

march 3 ski 2014

I wish I could sleep like that!

To quote Lilly as we are about to go down the hill: “Go faster Mommy, FASTER!”.

Me: Ahhh…no, we’re going fast enough (with an entire school surrounding us).

The day started off a little rough for me, it’s hard teaching your own kid how to ski and then feeling like I failed as a parent. Yeah, I know…silly…but that’s the kind of head space I was in before my solo runs. The day got a lot better and Lilly was way more into it and happier.

We then drove home (Lilly slept) and baked some muffins before picking Hilary up from the sitters. Successful adventure for us!

Do you teach your kids how to ski, play hockey, baseball, run…insert activity here ?

Can you sleep anywhere like kids can?