Calling It Quits Before I Started Part 1

Tuesday March 4th 2014

Dear Diary,

It’s only -7 but feels like -14 outside today.

march 4th

My hands froze this morning as I put both girls in their car seats and then proceeded to scrape off the frost on the windshield.

As I walked to a meeting in a building two minutes away, the wind is whipped through my dress pants and I was freezing.

I, for some reason brought all my running gear to … yes, go for a run. I’ve done it before. Meh…cold weather…I can run in that.

Well, today I quit before I even started. 😦 

That’s right! I decided on my 2 minute walk back to my office that it was TOO bloody cold outside and that I wanted to stay inside during my lunch hour and do nothing! Well, maybe sleep…but that really wasn’t an option.

Take that winter. {stomps foot down}

march 4th 2

I’m a sissy.

Okay, no I’m not a sissy…I just don’t want to bundle up my entire body and run outside.

Thank goodness, I got a treadmill at home.

Dear Treadmill,

Warning – date night tonight at 8pm. Be there or….oh wait…you can’t go anywhere.

Signing off,

Runner’s problems in Nova Scotia on a winter day.