Calling It Quits Before I Started Part 1

Tuesday March 4th 2014

Dear Diary,

It’s only -7 but feels like -14 outside today.

march 4th

My hands froze this morning as I put both girls in their car seats and then proceeded to scrape off the frost on the windshield.

As I walked to a meeting in a building two minutes away, the wind is whipped through my dress pants and I was freezing.

I, for some reason brought all my running gear to … yes, go for a run. I’ve done it before. Meh…cold weather…I can run in that.

Well, today I quit before I even started. 😦 

That’s right! I decided on my 2 minute walk back to my office that it was TOO bloody cold outside and that I wanted to stay inside during my lunch hour and do nothing! Well, maybe sleep…but that really wasn’t an option.

Take that winter. {stomps foot down}

march 4th 2

I’m a sissy.

Okay, no I’m not a sissy…I just don’t want to bundle up my entire body and run outside.

Thank goodness, I got a treadmill at home.

Dear Treadmill,

Warning – date night tonight at 8pm. Be there or….oh wait…you can’t go anywhere.

Signing off,

Runner’s problems in Nova Scotia on a winter day.

20 thoughts on “Calling It Quits Before I Started Part 1

  1. This girl from Texas can’t even calculate temperatures that cold. I don’t know how you go outside at all. Yay treadmill!

  2. I so feel your pain right now! It’s finally above zero and I can’t wait to get outside. This is a new kind of crazy. BTW, did you know that Nova Scotia is like a magic place to me? Blame Anne of Green Gables for making Canada this sort of imaginary paradise to me… πŸ˜‰

  3. There has to be a physical danger line in place for any work out activity beyond which you just become silly for taking the risk. You’re definitely on the right side of the line here.

  4. Yeah, with a treadmill at home… I’d be going for that as well! Unfortunately for me it was yet another video today instead of a run. But at least I got that in I guess.

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