Calling It Quits Before I Started Part 2

Wednesday March 5th 2014

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I whimped out of running outside and I’m totally cool with that.  It was BLOODY cold out. Thank goodness I had “The Beast” to run on at home.

In the warmth and comfort of my home.

With the wood stove going so I could be toasty when I stretched out my tired muscles afterwards.

And while the girls slept upstairs.

Treadmill, I’m sure glad I warned you about our date last night. You were on time and met my expectations.

Me and "The Beast"

5 km done, just like that.

I added to my “Around The World Running Blogger Relay Challenge”  –> now up to 11 km.

Treadmill, you did not disappoint.

Signing off,

Runner’s solutions in Nova Scotia on a winter day.

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