Around The World Running Blog Update & Workouts

It’s been a while since I’ve done a challenge so I thought it was time to sign up and get going. The lovely Kyla from Motivation (a nice Canadian girl) has organized the “Around The World Running Blogger Relay”. We are to run and track our kilometers, submit them and see if we can run around the world! #ATWRBR2014

There are 40 other bloggers that I am trying my best to catch up on, follow and run kilometers with 🙂 You can see the official list here. It’s going to take a while since most of them are new-to-me.

Running in my new Swirl Gear clothing :)

Running in my new Swirl Gear clothing 🙂

I had a pretty awesome workout/running week. Even with a busy work schedule, Sai home and gone twice I still managed to pull off 22 km of running, a soccer game and skiing with Lilly! I ran more last week then I did all of February…crazy!

This is what my week looked like:  *all runs done on the treadmill as it was between -12 c and -25 all week-long*

  • Sunday: 6k; speed between 8 – 9.5
  • Monday: Skiing most of the morning with Lilly
  • Tuesday: 5k; speed between 8 – 9.5
  • Wednesday: Soccer game @ 10pm – I was WIRED afterwards…it may be because it was SO late at night or the fact that I scored a goal! It was a left foot beauty from the top of the 18 yard box to the bottom right hand corner of the net.  Saaawweeet!
  • Thursday: Rest Day and Sai was home so we hung out together 🙂
  • Friday: 8km; speed between 8.5 and 10…my legs were pumping
  • Saturday: 3k: speed between 7 and 8.5 … slow and stead to shake off my legs.

Like I said, it was a really good week for me, we’ll see if I can do it again this week. I’d be happy with 15-20 km, so my plans are:

  • Sunday – Rest Day
  • Monday – Soccer Game
  • Tuesday & Wednesday – Run on Treadmill
  • Thursday – Rest Day
  • Friday & Saturday: Run or other workout

When I run on our treadmill, I always watch a show online. That’s how I plowed through my 8k run the other night, by not looking at how many kilometers I’ve run. I was more engaged in the show and was feeling great so I kept going.

What’s longer a microwave minute or treadmill minute? Or something else?

what's longer

Anyone run this weekend?

Do you count the # of kilometers or miles you run each  week, month or year?

Are you ready for spring? (I AM!)