I Wear My Compression Socks at Night

Now, you must read the title of this post with the same enthusiasm as Cory Heart inΒ “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night”.

Try it again….

“I WEAR MY COMPRESSION SOCKS AT NIGHT”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much better, eh!

Okay, seriously! I wore my compression socks every night last week {even after soccer}, as I put my legs through some kilometers….22 km to be exact πŸ™‚

You see, I’m participating in the Around The World Running Blogger Relay Challenge” so I’m trying to rack up the kilometers for that…plus, to keep me busy……I mean to keep me sane. Works crazy busy, as is my home life but running lets me escape for 35-50 minutes each time I run.

To help with my recovery after running, I have been wearing my compression socks. And, I run at night most days because that’s what fits my schedule… a.k.a – how I balance everything. So, I wear my compression socks at night {bet you sang it this time like Cory Heart}….both Pro Compression and SL3S Compression socks. You can see both of my reviews here: Pro Compression Review and SL3S Compression Review.

PRO Compression Socks on not so skinny legs - they fit!

Lately, I’ve been really loving the ProCompression socks only because the SL3S are super long and they bunch up around my knees and it’s uncomfortable after a while. I’m debating on getting some compression sleeves since I just don’t feel like I need the “foot” part of the sock.Β 

Do you wear compression socks DURING or AFTER running/working out?

What’s your favourite brand of compression socks ? Yes, I’d really like to know.Β 

Socks or Sleeves?Β 

25 thoughts on “I Wear My Compression Socks at Night

  1. I hate wearing them while I’m running – I did yesterday and they just make my feet feel heavy. But I rely in them when I’m traveling and always wear the for an hour or two after running.

  2. I wear mine after a long run–usually just the rest of the day, but sometimes I keep them on at night too. It was great when I traveled to D.C. for the Army Ten-Miler–I put them on after the race, then kept them on for the flight home.

    I totally forget what brand I have.

  3. I also wear them overnight when I’m training. I’ve also worn them in a few races and on the airplane (they say it’s a very good thing to do). I have CEP socks. A friend wore the leg sleeves in a race and his ankles got all swollen and injured. He swears it’s because the sleeves were acting like tourniquets and caused his injury.

  4. I often wear them during a run and for sure after long runs or if my legs feel tired after a short run. I prefer the sleeves as I can go barefoot with them or if I wear them for a race (which I often do) I prefer to wear my running socks versus the polyester compression sock. CEP’s are my fav’s.

  5. I bought some MoreMiles ones. There not overly expensive, pretty good prices on Amazon in comparison to other brands – because I had never worn them and was a bit cautious of them. I didn’t want to splash the cash on something I wasn’t sure if I was going to use. However I do run with them on. I don’t think there is a massive change but I like the idea I’m giving my legs some extra support while running.

  6. Usually during, but I have found that during my recovery it feels nice to wear them at other times too! I used to be strictly sleeves, but ever since I got my first pair of socks, I’m sold forever. And I’m PRO Compression all the way.

    • Yeah, I’m just loving them lately! It’s always funny trying to get them on, especially when my daughters watch me. I swear they must think I’m nuts because they are “just socks” to them yet they are so compressed and can be a challenge to put on sometimes.

  7. I don’t have compression socks but I’d love to get some, see what all the rage is about. I just can’t seem to get over the whole paying more than 20 bucks for a pair of socks thing.

  8. You’d be happy to know when I saw the title, that’s how I read it in my head before I clicked on the link πŸ˜€ I wear compression sleeves or socks to bed and/or after some long runs. I also wear them on planes or long car rides. I think I’m 80 years old. I really like Zoot socks. I love PROCompression, but their marathon socks are too big for me (even the XS size)

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  11. I have just gotten back from London, and even though it was only a two hour flight, I really enjoyed having my compression tights on. My legs didn’t become numb at all.

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