Speed Skating 101

Let’s just say I have a great respect for the sport and the athletes that compete in Speed Skating! WOAH!

Speed Skating 101

  • Listen to your instructor the whole time (he/she will give you lots of pointers)
  • It’s not like normal skating
  • Wear a helmet…any helmet will do
  • Speed skates are SHARP, long and uncomfortable
  • Don’t try it for the first time when little kids are around on a free skate
  • Don’t try cross-overs……bad idea
  • You better be ready to squat
  • Physical literacy skills are a must
  • There is a lot to think about and remember when speed skating; your feet sweep almost like the breast stroke in swimming, your right arm only rocks back and forth to propel you, don’t dig your toes in like normal skates etc.
Speed skating 101

Speed skating 101

I had the opportunity to try speed skating today during my lunch hour with people who I work with. One guy runs a newly formed speed skating club for kids and adults. I went with two of my co-workers who are open to trying anything and being active (daily).

We had a lot of fun, weaved in and out of the children skating, had sore feet, tried to keep our form and our legs were sore from squatting. It was a great workout!

Have you ever tried speed skating?

Would you try it?

Have you ever tried a new sport and have gained appreciation for those athletes who compete?


14 thoughts on “Speed Skating 101

  1. I’ve never tried speed skating, but I used to figure skate for a very long time as a kid. I know…totally not the same thing. But I do know how to do crossovers! (Though I’m not sure I could do them while skating at a very high rate of speed.)

    • It was funny, I was trying to focus on my form and then all of a sudden I started to do cross-overs when going around the rink but then realized that the blades are MUCH longer in the front then figure skates!
      Didn’t make that mistake again 😉

  2. oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun!! but I would probably fall on my butt. Whenever I try a new sport or activity I almost always gain a greater respect for people who are regulars. Shout out to all the bikers and swimmers, you people impress me 🙂

  3. OMG it sounds intense!! I always knew Olympic athletes (the only people I’ve seen speed skate) made it look easy, but man your description! That’s awesome that you got to try! I would love to give it a shot one day 🙂

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