One Kilometer at a Time

I missed a run Wednesday night as I was curried up on the couch super sick 😦 I had gone speed skating earlier that day and had planned on a 4k run that evening. However when I got home, I got super sick. I was on the couch from the time the girls went to bed a 7pm until 9pm…then I crawled in my bed and slept ALL NIGHT LONG…well, I was up once with Hilary.

Thursday morning I woke up feeling refreshed but still a little under the weather. By the evening, I was pretty much back to my normal self and decided a 5-6k run was do-able.


Well….once I got running, I started to rethink my 5-6k. I had to take it one kilometer at a time. Let me break it down the way I remember it:

Kilometer 1: Slow, steady and I was trying to figure out why I was running.

Kilometer 2: Slide stitch…crap…slow down…walk it out. Walking’s not helping…start running again…slowly. Running slowly I questioned how far I should run.

Man, am I ever glad I am watching Chicago PD or I would have checked out by now. Commercial break…dammit.

Kilometer 3: I’m only going to do 4k…just have to make it one more kilometer.

Kilometer 4: I feel great, side stitch is gone…maybe I’ll do the full 6.

Kilometer 4.50: I think I’ll just do 5k.

Kilometer 5: DONE – thank god it’s over! Time to stretch, snack, shower and go to bed.

Yes, I ate my daughters yogurt after running (don't tell her)

Yes, I ate my daughters yogurt after running (don’t tell her)

Not the worst run I’ve ever had but it sure made me question my ability to run and the distance I wanted to run.

Ever change your run due to unexpected events?

What do you do for side stitches?

It’s FRIDAY! What are your weekend plans? 

We are laying low…I think 😉