One Kilometer at a Time

I missed a run Wednesday night as I was curried up on the couch super sick 😦 I had gone speed skating earlier that day and had planned on a 4k run that evening. However when I got home, I got super sick. I was on the couch from the time the girls went to bed a 7pm until 9pm…then I crawled in my bed and slept ALL NIGHT LONG…well, I was up once with Hilary.

Thursday morning I woke up feeling refreshed but still a little under the weather. By the evening, I was pretty much back to my normal self and decided a 5-6k run was do-able.


Well….once I got running, I started to rethink my 5-6k. I had to take it one kilometer at a time. Let me break it down the way I remember it:

Kilometer 1: Slow, steady and I was trying to figure out why I was running.

Kilometer 2: Slide stitch…crap…slow down…walk it out. Walking’s not helping…start running again…slowly. Running slowly I questioned how far I should run.

Man, am I ever glad I am watching Chicago PD or I would have checked out by now. Commercial break…dammit.

Kilometer 3: I’m only going to do 4k…just have to make it one more kilometer.

Kilometer 4: I feel great, side stitch is gone…maybe I’ll do the full 6.

Kilometer 4.50: I think I’ll just do 5k.

Kilometer 5: DONE – thank god it’s over! Time to stretch, snack, shower and go to bed.

Yes, I ate my daughters yogurt after running (don't tell her)

Yes, I ate my daughters yogurt after running (don’t tell her)

Not the worst run I’ve ever had but it sure made me question my ability to run and the distance I wanted to run.

Ever change your run due to unexpected events?

What do you do for side stitches?

It’s FRIDAY! What are your weekend plans?Β 

We are laying low…I think πŸ˜‰

25 thoughts on “One Kilometer at a Time

  1. Yuk – I probably wouldn’t have run at all if I didn’t feel well. I haven’t had a side stitch for… hmmm… can’t remember the last time…. hope you have a good weekend and feel great!

  2. I think it’s smart to listen to your body and change runs if you need it! I know my body ALWAYS tells me to quit, but sometimes there is a different between being mentally ready to be done, and your body telling you “nope, that’s enough today” Especially when you’ve been sick!

  3. lol, that mental process is pretty much what I’m thinking whenever I try to get through a run I’m not feeling so great about. One time I had to cut a run short cause of foot issues, it’s the only time I have ever had someone pick me up mid-run.

  4. This week has been all about cancelling runs. Hubby and I both had an awful headcold so we called off all runs from Tuesday until Thursday. Tonight is a 6 KM *fingers crossed* When I get side stitches I try to alternate the leg I am breathing on. If I breathe in on the left side I try to exhale on the right, it really seems to help πŸ™‚

  5. Oh dear! Glad you’re feeling better! I think we’ve all had those runs where we just feel like running is the worst thing ever and we need to quit right NOW! Ooo do you like Chicago PD? I saw a commercial the other day and wondered about it.

  6. Sounds like a tough run, well done for sticking it out. It sounds a lot like your body was still not fully recovered from the bout of feeling unwell. As for the stitches, I rarely get them, but I usually find that they are related to what I’ve been eating before or during the run. Once you get them, there are a few things you can try – exhale sharply when you land on the other foot from the side of the stitch, or sharply contract your abs inwards after you have exhaled (the latter helps me a lot!). Just experiment with it, I think this is yet another case where everyone is different and it’s a case of what works for you! πŸ˜‰

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