Virtual Run and Ironman

HAPPY St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

Hope you wore something green, been kissed by the Irish (or someone cute) and got to drink/eat green today!


Have you ever done a virtual run before?  Or Ironman? 

Do you think I’m going to do both? Keep reading to find out!

I’ve been searching for a 5k race that would fit my family’s schedule this April/May but nothing was really working. I thought of doing the MEC Race Two since I did Race One back in January but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a HILLY run….so I opted out 😦 boo to me. However, I found a race…..Keep Calm & Run 5k Virtual Race 🙂

A while back I joined the Timberlea Tundra Pounders running group – mainly online since I no longer live in the community that I grew up in (however, I do go visit my family every so often). They have a tone of members and meet multiple times a week…actually multiple times a day! One of these days I’m hoping to get to run in with them.

Through the TTPer’s, I found two cooler bloggers (Girl Goes Running and Runner Girl ) along with the Keep Calm & Run 5k Virtual Race. It’s a fundraiser for Team in Training – you can’t go wrong there. I have to run 5k between April 1st and 15th, document the run with a photo and that’s it. I can do that!


Recently, I’ve been searching for the right training program for a 10k. I really want a sub 60 – 10k. I just haven’t found the one that’s calling my name….so I reached out to a friend/co-worker. My friend/co-worker Shannon, is a running coach. I wasn’t sure if she did 1 on 1 coaching. I can’t make a commitment to any running program/club and lucky for me, she said yes to coaching me. She’s also part of a large multi-sport club (run, swim, bike), a mom to 3 very successful daughters, grandmother to 2 little boys, community leader, trained coach, role model for other women and IRON-WOMEN! She participated in an Ironman competition in Canada 2 years ago.

So, to answer my question above…no, I’m not planning on doing an Ironman but I will be running with one! She agreed to coach me 1 on 1 for a sub 60 – 10k.. We are heading out for a run tomorrow at lunch before a meeting we have together in the afternoon. AND…..I’m a little nervous. I mean, she’s an IRON-WOMEN, she coaches multiple people/groups in many sports and leads group runs. She’s also a very down-to-earth person, I enjoy her company and working with her.

But I’m still a little nervous………..

Have you ever done a virtual run?

Ever run with an Iron-man or women?

Ever be intimidated by others?

Oh Shannon, I just remembered…I think you follow this blog. If you happen to read this, at least I don’t have to be all awkward and tell you out flat that I’m a little nervous by our upcoming run 😉