Virtual Run and Ironman

HAPPY St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

Hope you wore something green, been kissed by the Irish (or someone cute) and got to drink/eat green today!


Have you ever done a virtual run before?  Or Ironman? 

Do you think I’m going to do both? Keep reading to find out!

I’ve been searching for a 5k race that would fit my family’s schedule this April/May but nothing was really working. I thought of doing the MEC Race Two since I did Race One back in January but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a HILLY run….so I opted out 😦 boo to me. However, I found a race…..Keep Calm & Run 5k Virtual Race 🙂

A while back I joined the Timberlea Tundra Pounders running group – mainly online since I no longer live in the community that I grew up in (however, I do go visit my family every so often). They have a tone of members and meet multiple times a week…actually multiple times a day! One of these days I’m hoping to get to run in with them.

Through the TTPer’s, I found two cooler bloggers (Girl Goes Running and Runner Girl ) along with the Keep Calm & Run 5k Virtual Race. It’s a fundraiser for Team in Training – you can’t go wrong there. I have to run 5k between April 1st and 15th, document the run with a photo and that’s it. I can do that!


Recently, I’ve been searching for the right training program for a 10k. I really want a sub 60 – 10k. I just haven’t found the one that’s calling my name….so I reached out to a friend/co-worker. My friend/co-worker Shannon, is a running coach. I wasn’t sure if she did 1 on 1 coaching. I can’t make a commitment to any running program/club and lucky for me, she said yes to coaching me. She’s also part of a large multi-sport club (run, swim, bike), a mom to 3 very successful daughters, grandmother to 2 little boys, community leader, trained coach, role model for other women and IRON-WOMEN! She participated in an Ironman competition in Canada 2 years ago.

So, to answer my question above…no, I’m not planning on doing an Ironman but I will be running with one! She agreed to coach me 1 on 1 for a sub 60 – 10k.. We are heading out for a run tomorrow at lunch before a meeting we have together in the afternoon. AND…..I’m a little nervous. I mean, she’s an IRON-WOMEN, she coaches multiple people/groups in many sports and leads group runs. She’s also a very down-to-earth person, I enjoy her company and working with her.

But I’m still a little nervous………..

Have you ever done a virtual run?

Ever run with an Iron-man or women?

Ever be intimidated by others?

Oh Shannon, I just remembered…I think you follow this blog. If you happen to read this, at least I don’t have to be all awkward and tell you out flat that I’m a little nervous by our upcoming run 😉

12 thoughts on “Virtual Run and Ironman

  1. You will rock it. Very cool that you having someone to help train you running.

    Try not to stress yourself too much. Running and the experience should be fun. Learn from it and enjoy. 🙂

    I have ran with a friend who does Iron Man races. They are tough people but they are just like you and I. They just have other things that they want to try and do. 🙂

    Have fun!

    • Yeah, it’s kinda awesome having someone help me with my running. I never really thought of it as an option…maybe because I never thought I’d be THIS into running 😉

    • I’ve never done a virtual race. I love the big atmosphere too. The one bonus is that I can do it on a day that works for me and I don’t have to shuffle my girls around if my husband is away.

  2. Very cool. I ran with an elite buddy a couple months ago, but I couldn’t hang more than a mile or two, and that’s with him slowing down some! Not to worry though, whenever we’ve run with elite runners at our social runs, they always slow down their normal crazy pace so they can hang with us. You’ll be fine!

  3. That is awesome you are getting coached! You will love it. I have a few friends who have done Ironman and they’re great people, they just like swimming and biking and running way longer than most of us.

  4. How exciting!! Can’t wait to hear/read all about it!

    I have done a virtual run and I found it less stressful than a “real” race but I somehow, some reason like the stress of a “real” race lol!!

    Oh yeah! I love running so much and when I’m around legit runners (or really anyone who likes running) I get all giddy and excited and want to bug them for information on everything jajaja!!!

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