Cold Run & #ATWRBR2014

Happy Hump Day……already ?!!?!?!? Ahhh, where is March going? Seriously….if you look at the calendar….it’s almost April!

I didn’t get a chance to share last week’s “Around The World Running Blogger Relay Challenge”…but I managed 20km! I was hoping to get another 4k in Saturday but my body was still recovering from a 9k run Friday…so I took it as a sign to rest. So far…including this week, I’ve run 55km this month! Hol-y mol-y!!!

Today’s run was a cold, windy run…and my lungs weren’t too happy after the run 😦 whomp whomp

Today was the day, I got to run with my friend, Shannon – a.k.a Iron-woman! We both had busy mornings at work and were running late so all was good. When she arrived she said “Are you sure you want to go out there, it’s pretty windy and cold”? I said yes, we’re going 🙂 Then I noticed the bag she had was the Ironman bag – awesome!

We got dressed …bundled up as it was -6 degrees C but felt like -13 C ….BRRRRRRRRRRRRR! BUT, the sun was out!


ha ha, I look terrified! It’s more because of the weather then who I am running with. I swear! Missing from photo: face/neck protector

We literally started running the second we were out the door! My poor buddy…Green Garmin…didn’t even have a chance to find a satellite until we were more than half way done the run. So, I mapped my run and it came out as 5.03 km.

After hitting a few cross-walks we were on our way, in the cold and windy yet sun-shining early afternoon temps. The running was good, felt a little quick but then again I’ve been running inside on a treadmill for a while now. We talked about heart rate monitors and testing, running up hills (she gave me two ways of running up hills – a.k.a. how to survive them without looking like you’ve stopped running). We talked about races and a 1/2 marathon group she is coaching, running resources, big wig coaches in Canada and the U.S. that she connects with and running with a buddy. But not just any buddy, someone who runs at the same pace as you and someone who will not challenge you on every run.

We talked briefly about “the plan” to get me on track to a sub 60 and she asked me if I was focused on “performance”. I then proceeded to talk about my running goals for this year (5k sub 30; 10k sub 60 and my second 1/2 marathon).

I had to walk WAY more than normal, not because we were running super fast, but because the hills were actually killing me. I ran most of them but just had to take some breaks and walk. She was happy to run at my pace and walk with me when I needed to.

I was a little nervous leading up to the run, at least on the weekend I was. However, once I got out there with her it was just like going for a run with a friend, a co-worker…someone who shared the same passion with me and was happy to run with me.

I’m excited to see where my “plan” takes me and all the knowledge that I can absorb from her. I learned a lot in such a short amount of time. My lungs felt heavy all afternoon and I sounded like I had a nasty cold – I guess that’s what happens when you don’t run outside consistently. It was a fun run and great way to spend my lunch hour.

(Then, we were late for our meeting…..whoops!!!)

What’s the coldest you’ll run in?

How many layers is too many layers for you to go out for a run?

Do you ever sound like you have a cold/funny voice after a run in the cold?

21 thoughts on “Cold Run & #ATWRBR2014

  1. I think my coldest run was probably in the 20’s (F). kudos to you for getting out there when it’s below freezing and windy, I’ve lost all incentive to run in the cold and refuse to run if it’s below freezing.

  2. The coldest I’ve run in is about -30C, but -25C is my usual cut-off. I sound like a smoker after running in the cold. Now that it has warmed up, I have a hard time in anything colder than -10C. I want to run today, but it’s windy and cold and snowy and the treadmill is looking more and more attractive – except my dog hates the treadmill so I will have to tough it out.

    • I don’t know what the coldest run I’ve ever done..but I have definitely worked outside in -25C to -35C before. Nothing like having your eye lashes freeze from your breath!

  3. Minus 10 I think is as cold as I have run in the last 6 years. When I was in NS I had run in colder weather.

    Now the most that I will wear for clothes in the cold is a toque, gloves and maybe two long sleeved shirts instead of one. And if it is in the minus temps like -10 I will wear long pants. But I think I only did that twice this past winter.

    Sounds like you had a good run and way to go with your #ATWRBR2014 km’s.

  4. I’ll race in much colder conditions than I”ll normally train in. Training needs to be about 65* before I’ll run outside, but I’m not afraid of the treadmill. I have raced in 22* cold before.

    • The weather here is super cold one day then sunny and warm. They are currently predicting a LARGE storm for eastern US/Canada Wednesday….40 – 50cm of snow. When I heard that I actually cried……I’m completely 100% done with winter…and I love winter.
      Ahhh, good ol’ body glide!

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