My Best 5k (in a while)

If you’ve been following Piper’s Run for a while now (or know me in person), you know that I have set some goals for myself this year.

  • Sub-30 5k
  • Sub -60 1ok
  • Run my second 1/2 Marathon

For those of you that are newbies to Piper’s Run – I’ve been running for a long time…on an off, in between soccer and ski season, two pregnancies and two babies later….I’m still running 🙂

I recently hit one of my goals! I went out for a run Saturday afternoon while my husband was home with the girls. I was planning on running 7km so I could average my week’s kilometers at 20 for #ATWRBR2014 challenge. Mission accomplished (62km for the month so far!).

spring run sub 30 - 2A

My run took me out of my subdivision and onto a trail as I didn’t want to run on the main road with cars driving by at 70km/h. It made me nervous so I thought the trail would be a good option for part of my run!

The trail was completely snow-covered and was much longer then I remembered. I dodged between hard icy-snow packed ground and granular snow pellets that you’d sink your feet in….every…single….step. It wasn’t easy and my pace slowed down significantly…I even had to stop once (to take this photo, of course)


Check out the trail!

I kept running. I got onto the sidewalk and my legs noticed the difference right away! My legs moved faster and my body wasn’t in stress mode, a.k.a – watching every step I took so I wouldn’t fall on the ice/snow.

I ran until I couldn’t run anymore on a sidewalk and then turned around. I noticed my time and how far I had gone and thought I would be close to 30 minutes for 5k. I put my head down and focused … actually I told myself to count to 50 and then I could look at my watch again and re-assess where I was.

After I counted to 50, I looked at my watch and it read 4.94 km and 29 minutes and some odd seconds….so I picked up my pace and sprinted the last .06 of a km. When my Green Garmin beeped at me to tell my that “lap” or kilometer was done, I looked at my watch.

29:39 – 5k and then I walked for a few seconds in relief and the satisfaction of accomplishment sank in 🙂 I’ve worked hard to get here and I was really, really happy. I started to run again, even up the massive steep hill. I practices my “special” running technique my coach gave me for hills and it worked! I kept running until my Green Garmin hit 7km. Boy, was I a happy runner…….and may have had a little tear in my eye.

sub 30 stats march 22 14 - 2A

No, it wasn’t a race.

No, it wasn’t a competition with someone else.

It was a simple goal I set for myself months ago and finally achieved!

I felt great.

I’m on my way and enjoying this ride.

Have you ever got emotional from achieving a goal you worked towards?

Do you count training runs as PB?

What’s your favourite colour for running gear? 

Mine is purple…I feel like everything I have is purple…besides my green garmin that is.