Sledge Hockey and Winter {again}

You know you have a cool job when a bunch of Recreation Directors and Physical Activity Coordinators get together for two days of meetings and then have an “activity” in the evening….and maybe a few social beverages.

Last week, I had the opportunity to try another sport! Enter sledge hockey! I’ve seen it on TV and I’ve seen the sledges in the arena’s but I have never before sat in one. Thursday night, we all geared up and into the sledges we went.

sledge hockey march 2014

We had an instructor with us and he taught us the basics: how to power yourself forward with the sticks, how to turn, how to stop {though none of us really figured that out} and how to get up if you fall over!

The one thing you don’t want to do is fall over….and I learned that the hard way. Next time I will wear elbow pads to save my elbows from the falls. It’s super hard to pull yourself back up….lots of laughter and even more might will get you back on your blades.


First time for everything, right?!?!?! So much fun!

Our instructor had us line up on the red line (end of the rink) and proceeded to tell us what we were going to do {race to the other end}. I sat in the middle of the group, looked to the left and then the right, and saw that everyone was ready to go. Sticks in position and just waiting for the word go….nothing like having a bunch of reckies on the ice and in complete competition with each other. Seriously, we were all very competitive!

Like I said, I’ve never tried this before and let me tell you, I don’t remember the last time I laughed so much! I had a blast! I even managed to get the puck a few times and make a few passes. What an awesome sport!

snow on wednesday

Winter….wait, it’s Spring…no it’s winter in Nova Scotia.  Oi, Oi, Oi….we are getting a MASSIVE storm tonight/tomorrow 😦

And by storm, I mean BLIZZARD…. 35 to 45cm of the dam white stuff and category 1 hurricane winds. Oh my.

I’m pretty sure it’s spring. It’s spring somewhere, right? I honestly felt like crying when I heard about this blizzard a few days ago. I’m not sure what’s going on with the weather in Nova Scotia (and the eastern coast). 90% of our storms all fell on Wednesdays too! What’s up with that?

Have you ever tried sledge hockey? 

Is it spring yet where you live?

Are you expecting any crazy weather this week? 

I’ll keep you posted on the blizzard 😦 Let’s hope we don’t lose power!

15 thoughts on “Sledge Hockey and Winter {again}

  1. That Wednesday phenomena is crazy! I feel like we always get snow on Thursday/Friday, but that could just be in my head too! Sledge hockey sounds really fun!

  2. I’ve never heard of sledge hockey. It does look like fun. I can’t believe you’re going to get a blizzard! As bad as my winter has been, I really am grateful to not be on the east coast.

    • I think winter is my favourite sport/outdoor season…but then spring and summer come around and I fall in love with that season/sports 😉 I think you’d love sledge hockey!

  3. I heard that sledge hockey is exhausting!
    Our weather is fickle. Yesterday it was gorgeous. But when I woke up for my morning run today, it was freeeezing and windy. I thought I was done with my cold weather running gear!

    • It’s super exhausting! Your upper body and core get a serious workout. I always think of those athletes that compete in these sports and have a greater appreciation for their fitness and skill levels.

      Dang weather, eh! I’m sure it will warm up one of these days!

  4. you always try the coolest sports! I’ve never even heard of sledge hockey but judging by your pics and description it looks like a lot of fun. It was snowing again today but I’m not to worried cause it’s supposed to warm up “for real” in the next couple of days.

    • I have to admit, this winter has been awesome for sports. I got to try speed skating and sledge hockey – two amazing (Olympic) sports. And, I got to do the other sports I love; skiing, snow shoeing, skating. I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to do all of this!

      Warm up for real…oh I’m jealous 🙂 Enjoy it for me.

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