April Running Challenge

Why yes, I’ll join in! How about you? I sure love little challenges and sometimes fail at them…but that’s the whole point, right! Give yourself a little challenge and see if you can do it. You might just surprise yourself!

I recently read Jill’s blog (fitness AND ultra runner extraordinaire) at  JillConyers and she shared the “Run This Year” Instagram/Facebook challenge. So, I’m sharing it with you!

Hope you will join in 🙂


Common, it will fun!


You don’t HAVE to run every day.

You get to take pictures of yourself (and post them).

You’ll be part of the cool club 😉

Okay, I’m just trying to convince you go join me (and everyone else that’s doing it).

So, are ya in ?

#RTYApril @RunThisYear

Are you doing any challenges this month?

Do you set your own challenges?

What’s your favourite challenge to share, got any on Pinterest?