April Running Challenge

Why yes, I’ll join in! How about you? I sure love little challenges and sometimes fail at them…but that’s the whole point, right! Give yourself a little challenge and see if you can do it. You might just surprise yourself!

I recently read Jill’s blog (fitness AND ultra runner extraordinaire) at  JillConyers and she shared the “Run This Year” Instagram/Facebook challenge. So, I’m sharing it with you!

Hope you will join in 🙂


Common, it will fun!


You don’t HAVE to run every day.

You get to take pictures of yourself (and post them).

You’ll be part of the cool club 😉

Okay, I’m just trying to convince you go join me (and everyone else that’s doing it).

So, are ya in ?

#RTYApril @RunThisYear

Are you doing any challenges this month?

Do you set your own challenges?

What’s your favourite challenge to share, got any on Pinterest?

20 thoughts on “April Running Challenge

  1. I don’t having any specific challenges for this month but I’m taking part in a pullup and pushup challenge that ends in june. This challenge looks really nice though, I like that it’s not just about doing the same thing everyday like challenges sometimes are.

  2. I love it – this looks like so much fun! It’s so varied and challenges you to look at all aspects of your running. I happen to be deep into training for my first ultramarathon at the moment though, so I can’t really join the challenge this month. My training is all planned out for the next three months, and although there are some things on the list I can certainly do, others I know already I won’t be able to do on those days. I look forward to hearing about your progress though, it looks like a lot of fun! 😀

    • Ultramarathon….your hard core 😉

      It does look like a lot of fun…lots of different things and it’s not all running but related to running (running fuel, cross train, scheduled rest day – I can do those).

      Try it another month!

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