Lately: What I Ate Wednesday

It’s been a long…LONG time since I wrote a WIAW post!!! I haven’t been posted the foods I’ve been eating because I really haven’t been taken any photos! It was getting to the point if I took a picture of my meal, Lilly would say “take a picture of mine too”…and I would, of course. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I took a little break.

Jenn over at Peas and Crayons is the master mind behind it all – she also has a little cutie on her hands 🙂

We’ve had some good eats lately:

Sai and I had a date night over Easter Weekend 🙂 So we hit up our favourite Halifax restaurant: The Wooden Monkey.

Apparently, I only took pictures of my food – silly me. I had a “root beer”, lamb burger with mint goats cheese and carrot/cumin soup. Yum!

I also ate out for lunch last week at The Port Pub: Mushroom and goats cheese Panini and salad.

Eatin' Out!

Eatin’ Out!

A few other eats we had:

Top left: Coconut yogurt with granola, banana and strawberries.

Top Right: Fresh summer salad I made for a Pot Luck (recipe to come)

Bottom Left: Asparagus, summer salad, sweet potatoes and salmon – cooked on the BBQ.

Bottom Right: Heaven! Kidding…the girls loot from their day care Easter Egg hunt!!!

Yum Yum

Yum Yum


That’s what I’ve been fueling my body with these days. And now the honest truth…I am hungry ALL THE TIME! Seriously, it’s worse then when I was pregnant with both girls. I’m running 20-30km a week and can’t get enough food in me. What’s a girl to do?

What have you been eating lately?

Do you take pictures of your food when at a restaurant ? Do you feel weird, like I do?

Runners: are you hungry ALL THE TIME?

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Cheers, Piper 😉

Apple Tree Foundation 5k Recap

I’ve been working hard at my running goals the last few months and have signed up for a few races. I also have a few on “The List” waiting for when I can afford to pay their registration fees. Some of my goals this year are to:

1. Run 5k under 30 minutes. More specifically, under 29:16 minutes – April 10th 2014

2. Run 10k under 60 minutes.

3. And run my second 1/2 Marathon. Preferably under 2:33:56

The last few months I’ve been “working” at running 5k under 30 minutes and trying to get a PB/PR and have been successful over the last month.  {29: 39, then 29:34, more recently 28:54 –> goal accomplished}

I signed up for the ATF 5k a few weeks ago knowing very little about the event. I didn’t sleep well Saturday night, not sure why but just couldn’t relax and fall asleep. I was up once with Hilary at 1:25 AM and then woke up just after 7am with Lilly snoozing beside me. I have no idea what time she crawled in bed with me so I guess I slept hard 🙂

We got up, had breakfast: bagels with peanut butter, banana’s, a little OJ for me and milk for the girls. Since my husband is away working, my Dad came down to hang out with the girls while I ran. They were all going to come to the run but it was supposed to be rather cold and raining buckets so we decided they would stay home. They ended up playing outside with Grandad for an hour {thank you}.

Flat Piper was ready the night before:

Flat Piper

Flat Piper

But was real Piper ready?

I got dressed and put everything I wanted to bring in a plastic bag. Plastic bag? I know…I just couldn’t find the right bag to put my “stuff” in. I left the girls and went down to run 1-2k on the treadmill to warm up my legs and then realised I left my key’s upstairs. So much for trying to make a clean get-a-way. Poor Hilary struggles sometimes when I leave her, but apparently that didn’t last long.

As I got to the event, I saw a few youth “warming up”. Oh dear lord I thought…what have I got myself into. I heard music pumping at the start area and I decided to go register/get my bib. I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I really knew nothing about the event. It was a fundraiser for the Rehabilitation Centre and they were raising money for a new Wheel-chair accessible van.

Wasn't sure which shoe to wear - oldie or newbie. Newbie one in the last few minutes.

Wasn’t sure which shoe to wear – oldie or newbie. Newbie won in the last few minutes.

I got my bib and went back to my car to stay warm. A few other runners trickled in and then it was time to head to the start. There were about 15-20 of us running! This is by far the smallest run I have ever participated in…my nerves went through the roof. Young kids, middle-aged adults and 1 senior plus two-wheel chair athletes. Oh My!

The 5k run/walk was open to all abilities. It was great to see Ben at the beginning, he worked in our office a few years ago as an Rec. Intern. We chatted and I took his photo to send to him later. It was time to line up so the group of us gathered at the start behind the youth…off went the horn. My Green Garmin just caught the signal as the horn went off.


I started running with a lady named Mardi – we were behind the youth and then I moved forward a little with a guy named Wes or Wesley (60+ winner), we chatted a bit and then I decided I was ready to move my legs a little faster on the incline/hill.

I was running fast. My Garmin kept beeping at me “ahead of pace”, then “on pace” and back to “ahead of pace”. It was flat and fast. I didn’t want to stop at the water station or drink any water but the volunteer made great efforts to have the water ready for me, so I took it.

At the 1/2 way mark, my Garmin was reading a little ahead of 2.5k but I just kept running anyway. I turned around and started making my way back. Between the 3.5 and 4k mark I slowed down a bit and then pushed it during the last km.

I was breathing hard at this point but the end was in sight……FOREVER! I could see the RED “Running Room” arch and it looked so far away. Just a little before the finish line my watch beeped 5k and read 28:00. I kept running strong through to the actual finish line. It read 28:24….I’ll take both, thank you. I forgot to actually stop my Garmin until a few minutes had passed so I don’t have my Garmin finish time but it said I ran my fastest 5k to date!


{5:33;  5:31;  5:39;  5:45;  5:36}

It was a fun little event, too bad that more people didn’t show up but I am hoping that if they do it again, the word will get out. Great little course, fun volunteers, nice little running community – what more could you want in a running event.

When I got home and started stretching, both of my girls where “stretching” too …it was awesome!

Anyone race this weekend?

Does your Garmin/tracking device ever give you a different distance then what you are racing?

Ever been in a race with a wheel chair athlete?




ATF Run – 5k

A few weeks ago I signed up for a 5k run/walk event called ATF – which to be honest when I saw it online randomly a month ago, I had no idea what ATF even stood for.  I later found out it’s for ‘Apple Tree Foundation’ which is a non-profit organization that supports a local Rehabilitation Centre.

The registration fee was $25 – $30 depending on when you register  and open to all ages and abilities {fantastic}. It’s actually taking place 7 minutes from my house. Why 7 minutes? Because it’s located right beside the Fire Hall where my husband is a volunteer 😉 so he know’s how long it takes to drive there.

I signed up by myself and am completely unsure how many people will be at this event. When I registered she said she had a handful of people but more were interested. We’ll see how it goes, I’m kinda nervous!

After checking the weather report for Sunday morning…….



…….I got “Flat Piper” all ready to go!!!

Flat Piper

Flat Piper

Yes, 3 degrees celsius (feels like -1 c)…out came the running gloves, winter hat and my long warmer running pants plus a few layers of clothing. It’s hard to know how to dress for such temperatures SO late in April….April 27th to be exact! It really shouldn’t be this cold right now.

Anyway, I’m all ready to go…planning on a little 1-2k on “The Beast” (treadmill) to warm up my legs before I go and then take my 7 minute drive to the event. I do know it’s a timed event so I may get an official time out of it – don’t worry….just in case, I’m bringing my bestie with me….Green Garmin’s coming along for the ride!.

Wish me luck… I’ve scheduled this to post right at the start of my run! So, really……..I’m running right …. NOW!

Anyone running today? Training or race?

Do you get your clothes ready the night before or leave it to the last minute?

Ever sign up for a run and have no idea what to expect? (Number of runners/walkers, the route etc).

Roll It Out

My legs are super sore after a long, hard week of runnin’ and stuff. I was hoping to get another 10k in before Sunday but I had to slow down and listen to my body. No 10k training run before my 5k race on Sunday – I’m too sore.

However, I can proudly say I’m now a member of the foam rolling community. My husband bought me a foam roller for Christmas and I’ve used it here and there. It’s a love – hate relationship 😉

mother runner foam roll

I’m not as graceful as the lady in this photo….and not sure if I would do this outside as I’m sure people would laugh at me 😉

My week’s workouts looked a little like this:

Sunday: 8k (Before Easter Dinner)

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 6k Terrible Run

Wednesday: 8k (2 on the treadmill and 6 outside)

Thursday: Indoor Soccer Game. We won 6-1 and are in the final game next week!

Friday: Unplanned Rest Day: Foam Rolled/Epsom Salt Bath

Saturday: Planning to run an easy and slow 5k today, we’ll see if it happens!

Foam Rolling Friday Night

Last night I was really wanting to get a little 5k run in and planned to rest Saturday. I got through my day at work with lots of aches and pains after sitting, going up stairs and even getting in/out of the car. Whoops! I didn’t stretch after my soccer game the night before and now I was paying the price 😦

Instead of running last night, I took a HOT bath with Epsom salts and foam rolled for a little while. Hurts so much but felt so good! Here are two “foam rolling” blogs that I used:

1. Kate Moving Forward – Basic Foam Rolling

2. Gina from Fitnessista How I {foam} roll + a video

When I woke up this morning, I had this message on Twitter from Maritime Race Weekend:

I am running the Tartan Twosome Sept 12th: 5k at sunset and Sept 13th: 10k at sunrise. It was a pretty awesome way to start your day!

Do you foam roll? 

Every “forget” to stretch after running/soccer/a workout?

Do you win stuff from races you sign up for?


Subdivision Running – Oh My!

Most roads don’t have a lot of pedestrians walking or running on them. My 8k run on Easter Sunday took me through my childhood subdivision. I ran up, down, around the roads I played on and through paths I didn’t dear go as a child but they are now roads. It was fun to run past old friends’ houses or places I spent 90% of my time being a youth.

It was a hard run at first but then got better after I moved on to a trail system, then back into the subdivision again. Moving faster but not feeling fast, I made slight changes to my route that would allow me to finish 8k before Easter dinner 🙂

I did a lap around my parent’s house on the street but was going to come up short, so I had to do another lap and finished the 8k directly in front of their house. Perfect timing.


Yesterday, I decided to head out for a 6-7k in my subdivision as I had taken the day off as vacation – Best. Idea. Ever! I got a few things done in the morning and planned to hit the pavement around 2pm.

At 2:08 I managed to start my Green Garmin and took my normal route. A road that is traveled heavily by cars and bikes and a good handful of walkers. I weaved up one hill, down another and back up the last hill before it was flat for a while. Back into my subdivision I went…around this street, down that one, only to turn around and go back the same way I came from. I then did a little lap near my house and finished the 6k.

It was the worst 6 km I’ve run in a long time. It was like my body wasn’t wanting to move forward, something was really holding me back. All I knew is that I was glad it was over and done with …. for today 😉

canadian street gangs

I was watching out for these guys on my run………….just kidding. You don’t ever want to come across a bunch of bear’s like this unless you are in an armoured vehicle!


I had a few thoughts while out running (sans musique):

1.36 km – I’m going to have coconut yogurt and strawberries as a post run snack.

2 km – I’m never going to make it to 6 – 7km.

2.46 km – I hate long hills.

2.56 km – This long hill is going to help me with the bridge at the Bluenose Marathon. Then I will be thankful but I am not right now.

3 km – Okay, I can do this. Must remember location of 3k mark if I am to run this route again.

4.05 km – Oh my God, I just need to get to 5 k. Maybe 6 if I’m lucky.

5.01 km – Screw this, I’m walking for a few minutes (really, a few seconds). I might as well start running again as I have to get back to my house somehow and running would make this end faster.

5.45 km – {husband drives by and whistles at me} A smile slowly forms on my face and I laugh. Oh that laugh felt good because nothing else felt good during the last 1/2 hour.

6 km – Done. 35 minutes. Stop watch. And walk.


Who looks at their watch that often? Apparently, I do! I looked a lot and those times and thoughts  really stood out for me. I ran throughout my subdivision yesterday and though it was a BIG challenge for me to just complete, it was just what I needed. {I wouldn’t have said that during the run but I can now}

What do you do on a terrible run: stick with it or pack it in?

How often do you look at your watch/running app?

Now that it’s spring, are there more people out walking and running where you live?

What Cha’ Been Up To?

It’s been pretty quiet here on the blog lately but I’ve been out enjoying my time with our girls and my husband. I’ve spent very little time on the computer since last Thursday and have been kinda enjoying the little break.

time with children

This is what we have been up to lately:

Easter Fun at Day Care: this was fun to watch them 🙂

easter egg hunt at day care

Trip to the Zoo

 Zoo time

 Easter with family:

Hop scotch, an 8k early afternoon run, yummy food (vegan too), lots of family, friends and hanging with Maclean.

Family Easter

More Easter:

Easter fun

Running: It was a quiet week of running with more rest days then running but I managed 22km for Around The World Running Blogger Relay 2014 Challenge. A soccer game (we are advancing in the playoffs 🙂 , few runs inside and a few outside plus I got to test out my new runners 🙂

And, in with the NEW!

And, in with the NEW!

I need to get a little more focused on my running in the next few weeks and actually follow my training plan. I have a 5k this coming weekend that I signed up for recently. It’s a fundraiser for a local rehabilitation center and it’s a 7 minute drive from my house! I’m running the Bluenose Marathon – 10k on May 18th that I am hoping to run under 60 minutes…which I am on track for 🙂

How was your Easter weekend?

Anyone watch the Boston Marathon? 

Cheers, Piper


OUT With The OLD and In With The NEW

It’s that time of year again……………………..

out with the

I found a little time this week to invest in my feet 🙂 I was in the cit-tay (city) and stopped at a local Running Store – Aerobics First. I’ve been in a few times over the years but never bought anything. It was kinda busy so they called down extra staff to help me find a pair of new runners!!!!

This is what I have been running on for the last…little…while (okay, maybe two years). I may or may not have bought these when I was pregnant with Hilary……she’s 16 months old now!

Out with the Old......

Out with the Old……

I tried on four different pairs of runners and it came down to a pair of Saucony and Asics. I tested both pair out on the treadmill in the store. I tried both pair at the same time. I tried size 8.5 and size 9 in both pairs. I loved them both! How could that be?

One pair was $5 more. The Saucony were mainly black, white and little purple and the Asics were blue, orange and more blue. I really struggled with which ones to go with and in the end…..

These won 🙂

And, in with the NEW!

And, in with the NEW!

My old love for blue took over my new love of purple……

Now all I have to do is get outside and run in them!

How often to you buy new sneakers?

Do you stick with the same brand or switch it up?

What’s your favourite running shoe?

Cheers, Piper 😉