March numbers

March went a little like this:

One ski trip with Lilly

march 3 ski lilly

Two Freezing Rain/snow storms

Two new sports that I tried: Speed skating and Sledge Hockey

Three indoor soccer games played

Two goals scored (I play defense) *yeha*

Four ambassador programs: Fitfluential, Sweat Pink, IDEA Inspired Blogger, Swirl Gear.

Eleven kilometers I ran last night on the treadmill, crazy…I know! (soccer game was cancelled due to storm)

Minus thirteen degrees outside during my run with my IRON-WOMAN friend/coach

Sixteen times I wore my compression socks at night (okay, I didn’t count but it was A LOT)

Yes, I wore them last night.

Twenty-three kilometers is the number of km I ran during March 23rd – 29th.

Twenty-nine thirty-nineFastest 5k to date!

spring run sub 30 - 2A

Fifty some odd cm of snow that fell in 24 hours in one storm last week!

Sixty-eightmy Dad’s birthday was celebrated last week too! Thanks for all your comments, the post made him cry.

101 _____________ (fill in the blank)

April 1st – Two kilometers run today at lunch time 🙂

2km today at lunch

2km today at lunch – I look impressed.

Pretty awesome month!


Any April fool’s jokes to share?

Got any numbers from March ?

Can you fill in the blank above?





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